BackYard Fish Farming: Its Importance in Survival

By James Barton โ€ข  Updated: 02/11/18 โ€ข  3 min read

What if there’s nowhere else to go in your disaster-stricken town? All roads in and out have all been closed indefinitely and you have no choice but to stay at home. Sure, you might have food and other supplies for your family’s needs but how long will they last. In a situation like this, it is important to have another source of food when your supplies ran out and backyard fish farming should be one of the options in your list.

Backyard aquaculture is the process of raising edible fish in your own home. This is going to be a massive help for your survival in the event that you are not able to leave your home. As mentioned, your supply will definitely run out but, if you have a sustainable food source like a backyard fish farm, your chance of survival is going to be high. Not to mention that fish is a great source of protein so itโ€™s food that will keep you healthy.

Things to Consider Before You Start


Tank or pond aquaculture

If you live in a location where the climate is warmer, raising fish in a pond is your best bet because you can grow more fish. Creating an ecosystem for effortless management is also easier if you choose this method. On the other hand, raising fish in tanks is the best option if you live in a colder place. Its management can be tedious at first but, once you have created a suitable environment for the fish, itโ€™s going to be as easy as farming fish in a pond.

Type of fish to grow

The most popular fish among backyard fish farming is Tilapia but they prefer warmer temperatures so, you need to buy a heating equipment if you choose these. Trout, on the other hand, are fish that love extremely cold temperatures so you need to make sure that the water they are in doesn’t get warm.

Source of water

The growth of the fish you will raise may depend on the source of water you will use because some fish, like trout, need highly aerated, cold spring water for them to grow. However, there are also fish that can grow on ordinary hose water. So, the type of fish you will grow also depends on the source of water you have.


Although backyard fish farming can be a complicated endeavor, with careful planning and research it is possible and once you have created a suitable environment for the fish, managing it will be a breeze.

Moreover, it is also an awesome source of nutrients because aside from protein, fish is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help in lowering blood pressure. So, in extreme survival situations where you are left with no choice but to stay in your home, having one in your backyard is going to be really helpful so that you and your family can survive up until everything is back to normal.

James Barton

James Barton

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