Best MRE Meals for Survival and Emergency Situations

mre meals

MRE or Meals, Ready-to-Eat is the packed food ration of the United States Military. It is rich in nutrition, calories, compact, and lightweight. The best MRE meals are not only eaten by the military personnel but also by civilians because this is often distributed during emergency situations like natural disasters.

History of MRE

Before MRE, there was MCI or Meal, Combat, Individual Ration which was canned food that most soldiers dislike. In 1975, MRE was developed which was leveled-up in terms of nutrition and portability; however, there were still complaints about it. So, the Department of Defense developed more menus and eliminated the ones the soldiers didn’t like.

At present, the government works with experts to continuously improve and create the best MRE meals. In addition, MREs is a complete meal including dessert. There is also an accessory pack which contents vary depending on what the main dish is.

In case you want to know, this website is where you can find the whole menu of MRE meals.


Best MRE Meals for Emergency Survival Situations

As we have mentioned, MRE meals are also distributed during emergency situations. But if you are a prepper or a survivalist you’d know that MREs are a reliable food source because their shelf life is very long and they need no cooking or even heating.

Here are the best tasting MRE meals you might want to have in your emergency kit.


Chili Mac or Chili and Macaroni

This meal is a popular choice because who wouldn’t like macaroni with chili? Also, what comes with this main dish are also quite good. It has a pound cake, crackers, and jalapeno cheese spread. It’s truly an MRE comfort food.


Maple Sausage

This meal is better eaten during breakfast because the contents of the packet are more geared towards that time of the day. It has, of course, maple sausage, muffin top, crackers, cheddar cheese spread, and nuts and raisins mix. Although MREs can be eaten without heating them, the maple sausage is best tasting when its warm.

Best Mre Survival Meal

Cheese Tortellini Is A Popular MRE Choice and Tastes Good

Cheese Tortellini

Cheese can make anything taste good for some and that’s why this main dish is a popular choice. The main dish is tasty even if you don’t heat it and if you want more flavor, throw in the Tabasco sauce that comes with it. This is a complete meal that is filling not to mention its good side dishes: wet pack fruits, first strike bar, crackers and peanut butter.


Meatballs in Marinara

Meatballs in Marina is best eaten when warm so make sure to do that. It has a pretty decent taste but one of the side dishes, Potatoes Au Gratin, is not so good. However, the other side dishes, beef snack strips, First Strike bar, tortillas, and jalapeno cheese spread, are awesome.


Final Words

Although the flavor or the taste of the food you will be eating is not important anymore during emergency or survival situations, it would still be nice to eat something that is flavorful. Moreover, MRE meals are a great addition to any survival or emergency kit.

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