Bug Out Bag Contents – The Essentials for Survival

Bug Out Bag Contents

A bug out bag or a BOB is one of the things that each survivalist should have. You should always have one handy in cases of emergency. However, packing one can be overwhelming because there are a lot of lists on the internet that claims they are the ultimate guide.

Most of the lists contain a lot of things that can make your bag heavy. So, if you are looking for a lightweight BOB, we have curated a list of the bug out bag contents that are essential for survival.

Bug Out Bag Contents


Water is the number one essential item in your bug out bag. A person can go on without food for weeks but won’t be able to survive for long without water. You can have a few bottles of water in your bag depending on its size. It is also important that you have a water filtration device or iodine tablets to make water drinkable, in case the supply in your bag runs out.

First-aid Kit

This is also a must-have in every bug out bag. It should contain medicines, a disinfectant like a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, gauze, bandages, a medical tape, and a pair of scissors.


The food in your BOB should not take a lot of space and should last a long time. They must be packed with nutrients as well. Energy bars, small canned goods, and nuts are the perfect types of food you can put in your bug out bag. MREs are also perfect because they are very compact and effortless to prepare.


The climate must be taken into consideration as to which type of clothes you should bring. Also, the clothes have to be functional and durable and they should protect you from the elements. One important note is to bring only the basics and they are the following.

      • A coat or a jacket to protect you from the cold and rain.
      • A pair of good quality boots.
      • Thick, long pants. A pair of cargo pants is preferred.
      • A baseball cap or a hat to protect you from the sun.
      • An extra pair of thick socks.
      • A couple of extra t-shirts made of cotton which you can use to layer if it gets really cold.


Of course, a tent is the most preferred shelter to put in your bug out bag but they can be bulky. A lot of survivalists prefer a lightweight BOB and if you’re one of those, you may bring some materials that you can use to make a shelter. Tarps and ropes are perfect because they are lightweight and compact. You may also bring a sleeping bag if space permits because this will keep you warm while you sleep at night.

Final Words

When a disaster requires you to leave home, it is important that you have a prepared bug out bag so you can get out right away. Although it is true that you need a lot of things to survive, your bug out bag contents should only be the ones necessary because when it comes to survival, there are some sacrifices that you need to make.

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