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Bug Out Strategy – Why You Need One

Bug Out Strategy – Why You Need One

If a disaster were to hit today, would you be ready to keep yourself and your loved ones alive, do you have a bug out strategy? This is a question of preparation. Survival readiness is a very important thing that we should all think about on a regular basis. Crises and calamities, starting from simple power blackouts to tremors and floods, are circumstances that we should be prepared to deal with. If it happens that we are not ready when these emergencies arrive, at that point we will probably not be in a better condition to survive.

If an evacuation were necessary, there are a few things that are essential for survival that need to be in your kit. Some call these kits ‘72 hour kits‘ or ‘bug out bags.’ The idea behind them is that they have enough provisions to sustain you away from your home for a pre-determined length of time. The bug out sack items that are the most essential is water, packed meals, shelter, and medical aid. These things are essential for survival. Ensure they are sufficient to maintain you and your friends and family all through the crisis.

Ideally, each person in your family should have their survival bag or bug out bag. This enables each person to carry their supplies, spreading the weight around throughout a family. It also allows each member to have a personalized survival kit that meets their needs, such as specific medications and important documents.

Essentially, the components of the Bug out bag must be kept clean, recharged, checked and replaced regularly so that the survival kit remains effective. For instance, you can place a check card that will display the expiry of the contents within. This is important measure if there are any time sensitive items in the bag. The items that will need to be replaced by the bug out bag are as follows:

  • First aid kit including dressing and band-aids that will lose their sterility
    Expired water purification tablets
  • Batteries Hygiene kit
  • Supplements and oral medications are taken regularly by any family member
    Clothing that gets short

On the flip side, there are some long-term storage items like flashlights and radio receivers that can remain effective for years and no need to replace them. However, you can drop in from time to time to check their effectiveness. The batteries must be kept unpacked and away from the device where they have to be used.

According to the sod’s law, the batteries kept in the kit will leak dramatically if they are kept in an expensive kit. So when you have to bug out, make sure your kit can deliver what is expected of it.

Remember that when a disaster strikes, it is probably too late to start planning. Set up your bug out strategy emergency plans and kits today to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe and alive during a disaster scenario.Don’t wait for the disaster to hit; it’s better to get up you and your family members and prepare for any emergency because you never know when it will strike your family.

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