Is a Hatchet Better Than a Knife for Survival?


In any survival situation, having a belated tool is a must. Almost everyone in the survival community prefers a knife. However, there are a few people who prefer hatchet or small axe. In this article, I’m going to give my take on this issue. Let’s get down to it. Tree-felling …

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Top 5 Best Survival Knives

Survival knives

Many think of survival knives only as cutting tools. Nothing could be too far from the truth. A survival knife is a multipurpose tool that can help you complete many tasks that you’d otherwise need other devices to complete. In this regard, it can help you eliminate excess weight exerted …

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7 Best Knife Sharpeners For Survival and Preparedness

survival knife sharpener

Learning how to sharpen your knives is an essential survival skill. A sharp knife does a better job of slicing or cutting food, which is obvious enough, but it also lets you work faster and safer. A sharp knife needs less force to cut than dull knives. Less force means …

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How to Use a Whetstone


In survival situations, blades are essential. Knives, axes, machetes, hatchets, saws, and similar tools are your most important asset. These tools make it possible to catch food, process it, create shelter, create fire, and much more. As such it is essential that you keep your bladed tools in good working …

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