Survival Skills

What is Bushcraft?


Bushcraft is a term that you may have heard but not understood. Around the world, people use different terms to refer to natural places: wilderness, wild, outback, bush, backcountry, and so on.  All these words refer to places that have not been significantly impacted by humans; they are dominated by …

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Surviving a Terrorist Attack


The safety topics of today are far different than they were a generation ago. What’s going on in the world is a lot darker and has a more terrifying reach than ever before. Unlike something that you could know was coming, such as one country’s military attacking another, you never …

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Paracord Knots: The Four Most Common and How to Do Them

paracord knots

Paracord Knots: The Step-by-Step Guide Paracord, also known as the parachute cord, is a nylon rope that was originally used in parachutes during the WWII but, because of its smooth texture and elasticity, survivalists have considered this as their general purpose cord. Moreover, knowing how to tie paracord knots is …

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10 Things You Need For Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival

Humans, unlike wild animals, have no natural adaptations to survive in the wilderness. However, campers, hikers, hunters, and backpackers often venture into the wild to satisfy their thrills. Without the right supplies, surviving in the wilderness can be a wishful thought. To make the most out of your expedition and …

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The physical properties of hardwood are different from those of softwood. Therefore, you need to be well conversant with the properties and use the correct technique to split hardwood. Unlike softwood, hardwood is tough with some species featuring interlocking grains and others naturally designed to resist splitting. Such characteristics make …

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