Direct Action Gear USA: Products Every Survivalist Needs to Check Out

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When the going gets tough, only the survivors keep going. These are not my words but a phrase commonly used to encourage people to embrace preparedness. One firm has taken things a little further by creating a brand that specializes in making tactical gears for individuals in special force operations. The brand is referred to as Direct Action Gear USA.

You might be wondering how gears for Special Forces are relevant to survivors. Individuals in Special Forces are survivalists although on a higher degree than civilian survivalists. The brand make product including backpacks, jackets, weapons as well as uniforms that are also designed with the survivalist in mind.

Backpacks are perhaps the most famous of their products because they are high-quality, functional and specifically designed to resist even the most extreme conditions. If you are looking for the best survival gear then Direct Action Gear should be one of your primary sources. In this article, we are going to look into a few products that you need to check out.

Bug Out Bags: Four Options for Your Needs

Ghost Backpack (MK II)

The Ghost Backpack is the largest backpack available from this the Direct Action Gear brand. It has a huge 30 + liters capacity which can accommodate most of the essential items you may want to pack for your survival preparedness.  This feature makes it ideal for use as a bug out bag.

The backpack features a main pack with 2 zippered compartments. The first compartment is larger and has an internal hydration sleeve as well as an accessory mesh pocket. The second compartment is accessible from the back side of the Ghost Backpack. It is reinforced to hold a large laptop computer.

There are additional compartments and side pockets to allow you pack more items. Even though it is large capacity, the pack is extremely lightweight. It is available in many colors as well as camouflage prints. Thus everyone has something that will match their style.

Dust Backpack (MK II)

If you want a smaller bag then you can choose this 20-liter backpack. It is the smallest of all Direct Action Gear backpack. This compact size and design makes the bag ideal for use as an everyday carry backpack for frequently used items.

You may think the capacity is small but wait until you start packing it. The bag will carry lots of your everyday carry items with much ease. It features two zippered compartments. The main compartment features and internal padded sleeve/laptop as well as accessory mesh pocket.

The second compartment features and internal organizer for GPS device, notebooks, writing equipment and other essential items. This compartment also has clear vinyl pocket that is suitable for documents and maps. There are additional compartments and zippered pockets for packing other items. It is available in various colors.

Dragon Egg Backpack (MK II)

Dragon Egg Backpack (MK II) is a versatile and lightweight backpack that is made for the Law Enforcement and Military operators. It is also amazingly great for civilian preppers. Being a mid-sized backpack, you can be sure it will be capacious enough to take most, if not all your vital items.

This feature makes it a great BOB, especially its zippered compartments. It’s made of incredibly durable nylon fabric with water-resistant coating. It features three zippered compartments as well as many pockets to enable you keep your favorite items.

Tactical Messenger Bag (MK II)

The Tactical messenger bag is extremely versatile although lightweight. It’s the perfect choice of a Bag out Bag if you do not want if you do not prefer a backpack. The bag boasts of wide camouflage as well as solid color making it perfect for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The same features make the bad a formidable choice for bagging out following an emergency.

The Tactical Messenger Bag is worth checking out if you wish to buy a low-profile bag to help you with your every day carry items. Similar to all Direct Action Gear products, this bag is made from 100 percent Cordura Fabric with water-resistant coating to enhance durability.

Other Must-have Items

Apart from the bug out backpacks and the messenger bag we has just described, you can benefit from other products from the same brand. One such product worth mentioning is the Dawn Tactical Knife. You understand why a knife is vital for outdoor enthusiasts and survivors. The Dawn Tactical Knife from Direct Action Gear is a must-have because of its compact design that is easy to carry around. You can easily mount it on plate carrier, combat suspender or chest rig. You can also keep it in the bag.

It has an 85-mm long, 4mm thick blade which strong, sharp and sturdy. The overall length of the knife is 203mm. The knife is ideal for many tasks including shelter repairs, food preparation, cutting ropes and many more. You will love the Dawn Tactical Knife the moment you set your eyes on it.

Final verdict

We are aware that there are numerous options current in the market for each of the products we have described. However, these products made by the famous Direct Action Gear have stood the test of time because of their durability and functionality. So, if you are looking for items that you can use for your survival or outdoor activities, then you might want to check these products out. You will immediately fall in love with them.

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