Direct Action Gear USA: Products Every Survivalist Needs to Check Out

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Direct Action Gear is a brand known for making tactical gears for individuals in the special operations forces. Their products include backpacks, weapons, jackets, and uniforms which are also designed with the survivalist in mind. Their most popular products, however, are their backpacks because they are functional and designed to withstand even the most difficult of conditions. So, here are products from this brand that we think you should check out.

Bug Out Bags: Four Options for Your Needs

  • Ghost Backpack (MK II)

The Ghost Backpack is the biggest backpack available from Direct Action Gear. It has a large 31-liter capacity which is why it is perfect to be used as a bug out bag. It features additional compartments and side pockets so you can put more stuff and in spite of its large capacity, it is extremely lightweight. This bag comes in a variety of colors and camouflage prints so there is something for whatever need you might have.


  • Dust Backpack (MK II)

This 20-liter backpack, on the other hand, is the smallest of this brand but don’t let its size fool you because this bag can fit a lot of your everyday items. It’s a good one day and EDC backpack because it’s lightweight and because it’s packed with zippered pockets, it can carry all your everyday essentials. Similar to the ghost backpack, this also comes in a variety of colors including the PenCott SnowDrift which is perfect for your winter activities.


  • Dragon Egg Backpack (MK II)

If you are looking for a backpack that is not too big and not too small, the Dragon Egg is what you need. The Dragon Egg is also a great bug out backpack because it features three zippered compartments and it is made of an extremely durable nylon fabric that has a water-resistant coating.


  • Messenger Bag (MK II)

If you are looking for a bug out bag that is not a backpack, you might want to check this out. This messenger bag is made of the same material as the backpacks and it comes in different colors too. It also features a lot of compartments and large enough to fit all of your important items.

Other Must-Have

  • Dawn Tactical Knife

Aside from the bug out backpacks and the messenger bag, another product worth checking out is the Dawn Tactical Knife. One of the essentials of a survivalist or an outdoor enthusiast is a knife that’s why you need this. This knife is compact and easy to carry around because it can easily be mounted or kept in a bag. This is a straight-edged knife and its handle also comes in different colors so you can match it with your backpack.

Final Words

We know that there are a lot of options on the market for products that were mentioned above; however, these products from Direct Action Gear have been tried and tested to be durable and functional. So, if you are looking for items that you can use for your outdoor activities or survival, you might want to check these out.


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