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EMP Threat: Could It Happen?

The threat to human existence comes in many forms ranging from natural to human-made disasters. We don’t have much control of the natural disasters. We cannot say the same of human-made disasters. Enemies of human existence continually innovate ways to annihilate humanity. One such innovation is the Electromagnetic (EMP) pulse bomb.

In the turn of the new millennium, the United States Congress formed a commission to evaluate the threat to the country from Electromagnetic Pulse attack.  The commission made their findings known and the threat was real.

During a hearing on 12th October 2017, experts raised concerns and warned the US House of Representatives that an Electromagnetic Pulse bomb from one of the country’s enemies could kill as many as 90 percent of Americans within the first year of the attack. Could you imagine such devastation?

So they recommended ways to prevent and minimize the EMP threat. The most crucial recommendation would be to avoid the attack from occurring in the first place. It means stopping the rogue nations from accessing the technology. Unfortunately, such measures could be too late because corrupt countries such as North Korea and Iran have already gotten hold of the technology. But what is an EMP?

EMP Defined

EMP is scientific jargon that is at best left to experts. In its simplest definition, EMP describes a short burst of electromagnetic radiation that can originate from many sources including the sun. In the case of an EMP, the source of such radiation is deadly: nuclear detonation. The detonation occurs at a very high altitude.

If detonated in a space above a target, three different types of electromagnetic pulses are released.  There are termed E1, E2 and E3 pulses. Each of these pulses produced devastating effects that have far-reaching effects on normal human existence.

What can an EMP do?

There are no direct casualties with an EMP attack. However, the aftermath of the detonation is deadly. The electromagnetic pulses will interfere, disrupt or damaging electronic equipment and installations. Power grids could go down, planes and cars could lose power and computer systems could cripple. Emergency facilities such as hospitals could lose their backup power installations.

Imagine a world without electronic equipment and installations? It is a real survival situation that only true preppers can weather. Lack of access to electricity would mean no access to basic needs including heating and ventilation. In other words, an EMP attack would disrupt or damage the technology we have come to rely on.

Why Do You Need To Be Worried?

An electromagnetic pulse attack against the US by North Korea and other capable rogue nations is a likely threat. Unlike a direct nuclear ICBM attack, an EMP attack is a lot easier to pull off because it requires less targeting accuracy to be effective. All it needs is to go off above the target, and a pre-determined catchment area will be devastated.

The government facilities, electrical equipment and installations, and military systems are shielded in some way against the effects of the attack. However, you need to worry about civilians systems because they have no such shielding. It may ultimately depend on your preparedness.

Is There A Solution?

Managing all kinds of disasters and threats depends on your preparedness. The US military and other federal agencies have shielded and configured commercial electrical systems like turbines, generators, and transformers. The aim is to lessen the damage from a sudden shutdown or an attempted process to restart and the episode.

Another viable solution would be to install powerful antimissile systems in areas suspected to be targeted by the rogue nations or terrorist cells. Since the realization of an EMP threat, the US has already installed a limited anti-ballistic missile capability like ground-based interceptors in Alaska as well as United States Navy Aegis cruised armed with SM-3 missiles. New solutions are currently under development.

What Can You Do To Survive An EMP If It Happens?

The threat from rogue nations is not to be taken lightly. It is way different from the Cold War threats presented by the USSR. Today, well-organized terrorist groups that are faceless and nation-less present even more deadly threat from EMP attack. Such fact over-stretches the capacity of the government to protect its citizens from attack.

In an individual capacity, preventing an attack may prove challenging. But you can minimize the effects of blackout and power failures caused by EMP disruption. Even if such an attack does not happen, a solar super-storm and the location where the sun ejects huge solar flares would produce effects much like an EMP but on a global scale.

Regardless of whether it is an EMP attack or a natural disaster that causes power failure or blackout, you can prepare yourself to minimize the aftermath of the emergency. You must find a way to take care of yourself and your loved ones until help can come. Here are a few ways to prepare for blackout and power failure from EMP or any other disaster:

  • Pack non-electric survival gear such as solar ovens, manual can opener, crank coffee grinder, grain and meat grinders, wind-up flashlights, hand-powered water pumps, butter churn and well sleeve among others.


  • Bartering could be a good idea. You can exchange unnecessary things such as pleasurable items (cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine), hygiene and beauty products, entertainment items (books, audio players, playing cards) with vital survival items such as food, bullets, and gasoline.


  • Lighting is essential in an EMP attack. Incandescent candles offer great non-electric lighting, but they are dim, messy and have short burn times. Instead, you can opt for oil lamps such as Dietz Original Lamp. On little fuel, it can burn for up to 7 hours and works both indoors and outdoors. Its light output is equivalent to that of 7 candles.


  • Keep a few backup hand tools that can help you repair and reinforce your house or shelter after the disaster. The toolbox should have a hammer, handsaws, block sanders, planes, assortments of screws, nails and brace and bit for hole-drilling and screw driving.


  • Have some powerful solar panels. You can also learn how to generate power from micro-hydroelectric systems, backyard turbines and gasoline generators and vehicle parts you modify with electrical outlets.


  • For communication, your regular cell-phone will be useless in EMP attack. So, prepare yourself with CB radios, walkie-talkies which you can protect from the electromagnetic pulse in a Faraday Cage you make from your old microwave oven (learn the process of building a Faraday Cage).


  • You can hoard lots of MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) but rescue following an EMP attack can come after months or even years. Your servers could run out. Therefore, you should have the knowledge, means, and locations to cultivate food crops and rear livestock to supply you with a constant food source.


  • Crime can escalate in an emergency associated with blackout and power failures. A home-defense shotgun accompanied by several rounds can offer you formidable self-defense against criminals. Such a gun is also great for hunting for wild food.


The US is constantly at risk of EMP attack by rogue nations and capable terrorist cells. You cannot do much following its occurrence. Therefore, you must prepare early enough. Only this way can you be sure to protect your loved ones from the terrible aftermath of power failure or blackout. The threat is real, and an attack could happen at any time. It is wise to be continuously prepared if you must survive.

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