EMP Threat: Could It Happen?

EMP threat

In the earls 2000’s, Congress formed the Commission to Assess the Threat towards the United State from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. The commission has published several reports and studies about the EMP threat. They have issued ideas for preventing and minimizing the EMP threat. The most critical recommendation is usually to prevent attacks from occurring initially. This means preventing rogue nations from getting the technology to produce an attack. Unfortunately, the nuclear cat is definitely out from the bag in North Korea and shortly will be in Iran.Second, commercial electric systems like generators, turbines and transformers must be shielded and configured to lessen the damage from sudden shutdown or attempted restart after an episode. Many military systems are actually somewhat shielded like a legacy in the Cold War, but civilian electrical systems are completely vulnerable.

An additional solution would be to implement a powerful antimissile system. The US already includes a limited anti-ballistic missile capability such as ground-based interceptors in Alaska and US Navy Aegis cruisers equipped with SM-3 missiles. Other programs are still under development. The missile threat from rogue nations differs from the Cold War threat presented by the Soviets. The terrorists can be able to file for far fewer missiles, but they also might originate from a shorter range, just like a launch by the Soviet submarine. Our current capabilities must be expanded and shorter range anti-missile defenses needs to be added to defend America’s coastal cities.

Even if an attack never occurs, several preparations would also help to lessen the damage from traditional blackouts and power failures. The link between a solar super storm, the location where the sun ejects massive solar flares, would be much like an EMP attack with a global scale.
Additionally, individuals must also prepare. Whether we have been faced with an EMP attack or some other disaster, individual Americans must be able to care for themselves for some time until relief agencies will help them. In a burglary or home invasion, which may mean fending off a burglar for long minutes until police can arrive. In a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake, help usually takes days to reach you. In the truth of electromagnetic pulse attack, there can be no help for weeks or months. To discover ways to begin preparing your house for an emergency, just click here.

In the midst of the Great Recession for a federal debt at record levels, it is not easy to think about more government spending to guard our electrical grids. Nevertheless, as radical and homicidal extremists like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korea’s Kim Jong Il gain, and share, the nuclear and missile technology to file for EMP attacks that might literally destroy our economy and produce the US back into the stone age, we’ve got to ask ourselves whether we can afford to tempt fate and loosen up. History has demonstrated that both Iran and North Korea tend to be more than prepared to strike first when they believe that they could get away with it.

EMP Threat: Could It Happen?
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