Fishing Hacks

Fishing Hacks and Tips a Good Angler Should Know

Fishing is not only a good hobby or recreation but also an important survival skill to have on your sleeves. Fishing is not a skill that you can easily learn, in fact, it will take years before you can become an expert angler. You need to practice a lot and experience different situations so, if you are just starting to learn this skill, here are some fishing hacks that you need to know.

Some Useful Fishing Hacks


Organize hooks with a magnet

Prevent your hooks from being all over the place with a magnet. Putting your hooks in a covered container can be a good idea but what if you forgot to put on the lid or what if the lid gets loose and you accidentally knock the container down.

It is frustrating and time-consuming to pick those up; however, with a magnet’s use, you just need to pick them all at once because they are stuck in one place.


Multiple hooks in one line

Increase the odds of catching the fish by putting multiple hooks on the line. Moreover, if you will be using a hard bait, you can attach a couple of extra hooks at its end so that you won’t lose your catch easily, most especially if your target is difficult to catch.


Prevent fishing line twists with hot water

Fishing lines, especially fluorocarbon, have a tendency to twist when you are re-spooling them with the use of a spooling machine and all the more when you are doing it by hand.

There are conditioners sold that you can use to prevent twists but if those are not available, running your spool in hot water is an equally effective method of stopping this.


Opt for matte lures instead of shiny ones

Matte metal lures are more preferred to use because shiny ones reflect light. Although shiny lures do attract some fish, the reflection of the light may confuse and blind your possible target. This may cause them to swim away.


Prevent sunscreen transfer on your baits by using gloves

Sunscreen is a must for anglers because you will be under the sun for hours while fishing. More often than not, there will be some leftover sunscreen on your hand that may transfer to your bait when you touch them.

To prevent this, apply sunscreen with a pair of gloves on so that once you’re done, you just have to remove them, leaving your hands clean.


Keep your rod handle looking new with a shrink wrap

Rod handles are usually made of cork and they are usually the ones that will show signs of usage. So, to keep you rod handles looking new and to protect them from damage, you can put some shrink wrap around your fishing rod handle.

This also gives more grip on the rod which is important if you want to catch a larger fish.


Attract more fish with WD-40

Spray a little bit of WD-40 on your bait or you may also just place a bottle in your tackle box because the smell of oil will transfer to your fishing items inside.

The scent of the oil has been proven by professional anglers to attract fish. Not only is WD-40 helpful in attracting fish, this also protects your fishing items from damage.

Final Words

Having the knowledge of these fishing hacks are very important for you to be successful in this endeavor. There are more hacks that you will learn along the way knowing which are going to be equally helpful. So, master this skill because you will never know when you’re going to need it.

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