How Often To Clean A Rifle

How Often To Clean A Rifle

If you own a rifle, you can understand the responsibility of maintaining a firearm. Using it carelessly can lead to potential mishaps that may be irreversible. Thereby, it is paramount for you to clean the rifle for optimal performance everyday. You should have a collection of equipment and products you might need for cleaning your rifle. Just remember that you are supposed to clean it after each use, and the extensive cleaning comes later. So, how often should you clean a rifle? Let’s break it down.

Do I Need To Clean My Gun Even If I haven’t Used it?

Unfortunately, yes, you will need to clean the gun even if you have never used it. But lucky for you, you won’t have to maintain an extensive care routine. Cleaning them twice per year will be sufficient. The pattern will be different; read below to understand how to clean a gun that is not in use.

How Often Should I Clean My Rifle If I Use It Frequently?

That depends on how often you use your gun. Does your rifle get a lot of exposure to the atmosphere? If so, you should clean the gun after 250-300 rounds and an extensive cleaning after 3000 rounds. It’s better to make a habit of it; hence cleaning the gun every quarter is always recommended for shotguns and rifles.

What Happens If I Don’t Clean It?

Not cleaning your rifle will lead to the accumulation of dirt, particles, and it will eventually rust. The corrosion starts from inside and spreads out to the chambers. If you don’t get rid of the dust, the rifle will gradually jam and stop working correctly, which isn’t safe. Besides, each time you shoot, the gun discharges some ammonium. Exposing that discharge to water or atmosphere can cause you trouble.

How To Clean A Rifle?

  • Using the general cleaning instructions won’t do the trick. Firstly, brush all the parts with a wire brush to break any displace build-up or dirt accumulation. Afterward, apply a bit of gun lubricant to them. This ensures the gun doesn’t rub harshly with other parts. The gun lubes also help with corrosion. Once the lube is applied, wipe off the excess. Some suitable gun lubricants are CLP by Sage & Braker, Hoppe’s No.9 gun cleaning lube, and Slip EWL.

  • Instead of regular cloth or paper towels, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the gun. Also, don’t use your hands to apply the lube or oil. Use the microfiber cloth to spread it evenly in each nook and cranny. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, use a clean cotton towel.

  • If you don’t use your rifle at all, then doing this extensive routine will be pointless for you. Get a Bore Snake and push the bronze end into the barrel. Keep going until the bronze tip comes out of the other end. Repeat this at least 3-5 times to get rid of all the residue. Hoppe and Sage & Braker have the best Bore Snake cleaning kits along with Real Avid Bore Boss.

How To Clean A .224 Valkyrie Barrel?

Even though the construction and design of a .224 valkyrie barrel differ drastically from that of a rifle, the process is the same. So instead of getting a lube and some cloth, go for a gun cleaning kit. You will receive all the products you will need and gain insight into the brand’s specific instructions. As mentioned before, Hoppe and Sage & Braker have various cleaning kits along with other gun-related accessories.

Your Rifle Is Good To Use Now

A compact rifle is easier to maintain than other firearms, but you need to take proper care, so it doesn’t fail you. As with any other gun, clean the rifle after each use, and you should never leave it uncleaned for more than a month. Ideally, it would be best to clean it after every use, but the cleaning process is different. Just wiping the outer body with a cloth won’t work; in fact, you need to clean the inside first. That’s where all the discharge and accumulations are. If you are a long-range shooter, check out the .224 valkyrie barrel guide for better information.

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