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Long-range scope buying guide

The best rifle scope is a great help to be sure to hit the target when shooting. The market offers a wide choice both for a price and for quality. We are here to give you a series of long-range scope buying guide. By comparing prices and availability, you will notice how the offer is particularly wide and varied.

So we decided to make this guide to help you in choosing the best long-range scope on the market. You can combine our recommendations with the reviews of the most interesting products on the market.

You should consider for buying scopes with a good balance between quality and price. The scopes should be dictated by some introductions.  It is good to make sure that your weapon is compatible with the scope you intend to buy. The weight of the optical instrument is important because it affects when you aim at something.

The selection of enlargement is also important. If it has high values, it will offer a wide field of view. If your rifle has a range of 100 m, you will need a scope. That allows you to aim for 300 m away. This is important to know that the bigger the enlargements are, higher in price.


Buying Guide

The choice of the scope depends on the type of hunting and on the distances and the foreseeable light conditions. What is the best long-range scope on the market? You may check our buying guide.


Reversing system

The scope models made by the best brands can be divided into two categories. It based on the inversion system they use, i.e. the mechanism allows the eyes to view the straight image. Otherwise, due to the structure of the device, it would appear upside down.

This operation is allowed a deal with the enlargement of the vision through the reflection of the image. The more modern models are equipped with roof prisms and typically have a more slim design. The quality full scopes are technologically advanced and consequently more expensive.



Another important aspect is to choose between a model with a fixed lens or one with a zoom lens. The much wider range of magnifications, starting from the wide-angle one, which is equivalent to a 20x up to the telephoto (60x). The transition between the various zoom levels occurs through the simple rotation of a ring.

Before choosing, the scopes check its ability to provide enlargements. Typically, the number on the left of the X sign indicates the value. That expresses how many times the framed object is enlarged. The number placed to the right of the X is expressed in millimeters. It is relative to the diameter when the lens is opened. Consider that a high magnification is a factor of certification of the best product.

To carry out prolonged visualizations with a particularly large field of view it is better to use a scope at low magnifications. We must remember the field of vision shrinks, increasing the magnification. The magnification variation is obtained by varying the distance of lenses that straighten the image.



Another essential element to consider of a scope is brightness. Check the ability to provide a high and clear observation quality of the lighting conditions. The scope requires a certain care in the use and with regard to cleaning the lens.

You also need to evaluate the weight, especially it depends on the use of a prolonged observation during the day, with continuous movements. Always make sure to choose a scope that is in line with the maximum range of your rifle to avoid spending your money badly. We can review some models there is the best rifle scope for 2018 rifles.


Aiming point

rifle scope aiming

The aiming point varies by enlarging the magnification. In this regard, we need to distinguish between two types of construction. In which the lattice enlarges or shrinks as the magnification changes.

The reticle is in the plane of the objective and the internal movement of the optical groups to varying the magnification does not affect its position. The lattice size remains constant this is located in the plane of the eyepiece.

You should not allow small tolerances of the mechanical errors. So you need to buy cope of this type only of an excellent brand.  As for example, we have shared three best long-range scopes.


Seben Black Anaconda 4-12 × 56

The Seben brand has gained a great deal of experience in the field of accuracy optics. The Black Anaconda is a very flexible telescope with a zoom capacity of up to twelve times. It prepared with a large 56 mm lens.

It is good if used with daylight but it is also appreciated at dusk. The Seben scope provides a good view up to a distance of 100 m. The viewing angle is 2.6- 3 degrees. The diameter of the central tube is 30 mm.


Nikko Strilling Mountmaster 4-12 × 50

Nikko Strilling is a well-known brand for rifle enthusiasts, whether compressed air or not. The Mountmaster is an optics designed especially for compressed air guns. The cope is very solid but, as a precaution, it is suggested to use cushioned connections.

The minimum focus is 15 m of distance. It is perfect for medium distances, up to 150 m but a good shooter can safely go up to 200 m. The optical calibration responds well to the recesses. The scope is well finished, has no plastic parts. It has the adjustment at the top and the right-left alignment.

rifle scope magnification

Excelvan 3-9x40MM

The Excelvan scope can be a good solution for those with a small budget. For those who are beginners, the scope can be a good option. It is highly recommended for use with compressed air because it could be in the short term due to the recoil.

This scope offers a good brightness but leaves the sharpness and definition to be desired. Many customers agree in defining the scope little more than a toy. That still offers a good relationship between price and quality.



Buying your next scope should be as fun as it is challenging. The long-range scope buying guide should be beneficial to choose the best long-range scope on the market. Your choice depends above all on how you use your scope and on the weather conditions, you will be facing. With these guides, we hope you will easily get what you are looking for.