Personal Protection Products For Women

Best Personal Protection Products For Women

Below is a short list of personal protection products for women listed in order of affordability and its serious capabilities. Most women these days don’t leave the house without some form of discreet personal protection. Some may consider even jewelry such as rings to be a self defense weapon. Whether you live by yourself or with a partner this is great guide for any woman.

Pepper Spray

Every woman should carry some form of self defense in their purse. Pepper spray is a non lethal weapon that can bring almost anyone to their knees. It’s easy to carry and also comes in a wide variety of concealable disguises such as lipstick and perfume. It can be purchased from Amazon at a very affordable price.

Stun Gun

Stun guns are an excellent form of self defense, with high voltages in the millions they can have a devastating effect on any attacker. They come in  all different shapes and sizes and can be easily carried while walking, jogging or running. They are a very dependable self defense tool and again can be purchased online.

Self Defense Pens

Self defense pens can be lethal and should probably only be used by woman trained in some form of self defense. Used right they can drop a 200lb attacker with a single blow, miss and the situation may go from bad to worse. This is why we recommend self defense or weapons training. Self defense pens will range in price depending on what they are made of and what other tools are included ( Knives, Flashlights).

Self Defense Classes

Self defense classes for women not only teach you some form of defense but can also be a huge confidence booster as it has been with many men. Classes will be more expensive in the long run but used together with any of the products just mentioned and your chances of survival will be higher.  

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