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Why There’s No Such Thing as the Mythical “Perfect Survival Knife”

People in the survivalist community often talk about what a “perfect survival knife” should be like, but I believe that there is no such thing. I’m not saying that a certain knife design can’t be the perfect survival tool for you, but that there is no single option that’s right for every situation and every person. There are some basic characteristics that every survival knife must …

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Is a Hatchet Better Than a Knife for Survival?

In any survival situation, having a belated tool is a must. Almost everyone in the survival community prefers a knife. However, there are a few people who prefer hatchet or small axe. In this article, I’m going to give my take on this issue. Let’s get down to it. Tree-felling and major woodwork There’s no doubt that for large scale woodwork a hatchet or small axe …

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Top 7 Survival knives that will help you fight the wild

Surviving in the wild is a challenge in itself. While you’re enjoying the dense forest, walking on unknown paths and amidst trees, you can encounter any kind of challenge. One cannot predict what kind of challenges are going to come ahead on a journey through the wilderness. But, one should always be prepared. If you’re planning an adventurous trip into the wild, through dense forests, going …

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Top 5 Best Survival Knives

Many think of survival knives only as cutting tools. Nothing could be too far from the truth. A survival knife is a multipurpose tool that can help you complete many tasks that you’d otherwise need other devices to complete. In this regard, it can help you eliminate excess weight exerted by the specialized tools. Uses of a survival knife The uses of knives in survival situations …

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7 Smart Ways to Use a Survival Knife in the Outdoors

A survivalist has to step outdoors to explore the natural environment. Mother Nature rules out there. Therefore, you will need several items to tame it and achieve your goals. One of the many items that you cannot do without is a survival knife. A good quality survival knife is so versatile. It can replace a number of specific items that you would otherwise have to carry …

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How to Use a Whetstone

In survival situations, blades are essential. Knives, axes, machetes, hatchets, saws, and similar tools are your most important asset. These tools make it possible to catch food, process it, create shelter, create fire, and much more. As such it is essential that you keep your bladed tools in good working order at all times. This requires the use of a whetstone.   What is a whetstone? …

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