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Prepper Handguns

Top 9 Prepper Handguns

A handgun is a crucial self-defense gear for many people especially preppers. In an emergency, a pistol will make you feel safer and more confident than if you had no firearm. It also gives you a feeling of self-responsibility, physical discipline, and stress-free. For those who do not understand guns, a handgun is defined as a short-barrel firearm that is engineered for single hand use. The …

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improvised weapons

Improvised Weapons in Home Defense

Criminals are a smart lot. They will not attack when you expect it. The same goes for disasters; they will happen unannounced. So, you may not get time to reach out for your weapons. Similarly, you may be locked out of your home so you may not have access to your weapons. The stakes are even higher in the case of martial law, home invasion, or …

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A Short Introduction to Firearms From a Survivalist Perspective

Perhaps you have been carefully considering what you need to be a successful survivalist. You have been looking for information regarding firearms from a survivalist perspective. This article, which is aimed at true beginners, is a basic introduction to firearms as appertains to preppers. The subject of firearms is sensitive because it is a matter of life and death and involves logic as well as legal …

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Survival knives

Top 5 Best Survival Knives

Many think of survival knives only as cutting tools. Nothing could be too far from the truth. A survival knife is a multipurpose tool that can help you complete many tasks that you’d otherwise need other devices to complete. In this regard, it can help you eliminate excess weight exerted by the specialized tools. Uses of a survival knife The uses of knives in survival situations …

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rifle scope buying guide

Long-range scope buying guide

The best rifle scope is a great help to be sure to hit the target when shooting. The market offers a wide choice both for a price and for quality. We are here to give you a series of long-range scope buying guide. By comparing prices and availability, you will notice how the offer is particularly wide and varied. So we decided to make this guide …

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Discreet Weapon

7 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Anywhere

The threat of an attack is real in any survival situation. However, risks of an attack are present anywhere you go. Carrying a firearm or a crude weapon such as a sword could be a great idea but it is impractical. Carrying a firearm into certain places is illegal. Even common sense tells you that you cannot carry a gun into a school, a courtroom or …

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outdoor survival knife

7 Smart Ways to Use a Survival Knife in the Outdoors

A survivalist has to step outdoors to explore the natural environment. Mother Nature rules out there. Therefore, you will need several items to tame it and achieve your goals. One of the many items that you cannot do without is a survival knife. A good quality survival knife is so versatile. It can replace a number of specific items that you would otherwise have to carry …

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How to Use a Whetstone

In survival situations, blades are essential. Knives, axes, machetes, hatchets, saws, and similar tools are your most important asset. These tools make it possible to catch food, process it, create shelter, create fire, and much more. As such it is essential that you keep your bladed tools in good working order at all times. This requires the use of a whetstone.   What is a whetstone? …

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Top 5 Survival Rifles

No matter what you’re prepping for,  protection is a vital element of enduring any kind of calamity. Everybody has their choice regarding exactly what certifies as the most effective survival tool. Background has actually verified the rifle to be the most effective all-purpose weapon to deal with a selection of fight and also protection situations. Though pistols and also shotguns are likewise to be thought about, …

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