9 Cool Solar Gadgets for Preppers

By James Barton •  Updated: 02/21/20 •  5 min read

If disaster strikes, it can very well take out power lines, communication, and hamper emergency services. Preparing for a situation where these pillars of modern civilisation are inaccessible, is pretty much the expected recourse for preppers. The sun is the most reliable power source in such scenarios. These solar gadgets should help tide over troubles and are important from a preppers viewpoint.


1. Solar Fire Starter

Solar Fire Starter

Fire is a necessity for life. There are several ways you can get a fire going without depending on a fire source or other tools. However, there is merit to using a solar fire starter. It is convenient and can be pretty useful if you find yourself in a tight spot. It isn’t labour-intensive and can be used by those who lack the skills to start a fire.

In principle, these gadgets are pretty much like the magnifying glasses we’ve all used as kids to focus sunlight. However, the modern solar fire starter isn’t always a magnifying glass and can be available in several shapes. Fire starters made from plastic are available as well. They’re less prone to breaking, but do risk getting scratched.

2. Battery Charger

A big part of our life is dependent on our gadgets. Having a solar-powered charger ensures that the gadgets won’t go without juice in a power outage. Keep in mind, a solar charger is going to take much longer than conventional charging. The good thing is, you can’t run out of power!

There’s a wide variety of solar chargers available, some with an included solar charger with power bank. With the latter, you can simply let the charger power up at all times, and use it for your devices as necessary.

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3. Walkie Talkie Solar Power Kit

Having a solar walkie talkie enables you to keep communication channels open even if networks die down. The range of a walkie talkie is dependent on surroundings. In a relatively open area without obstacles, you might be able to communicate for distances at 1-2 miles. Most walkie talkies list a higher range, though that is difficult to achieve in practical use.

A walkie talkie solar power kit can be the means to stay connected with your family and friends. In the scenario of a disaster, they can also be useful in coordinating efforts for relief. The solar kit makes it possible to charge the walkie talkies as needed, so they can stay in operation longer.

4. A Solar Shower

Warm water for a bath! A portable solar shower will warm up the water enough for it to be comfortable. These are passive heaters that work by absorbing heat from the sun and transferring it to the water. Solar showers can be pretty handy in tough situations where hygiene can potentially become an issue.

5. Solar Powered Backpack

Essentially, this is a backpack with a solar panel attached. Even if you’re away from civilisation, the solar powered backpack can provide power for your gadgets. Plus, it offers the convenience that you don’t have to stop and set up the panels to get power. You can go about your day as usual, and let the backpack do its job.

Portability is key, and it comes easier since the solar panel is packed into your backpack. You could charge devices like your mobile phone as you hike or go about your day. There’s a lot of potential and flexibility for use here.

6. Solar Lamp And Flashlight

Lighting takes on an important role when you can’t depend on electric supply. While campers are already familiar with solar lanterns, there are several options to consider, including flashlights. Most of these gadgets will use LEDs for lighting and low power use. 

If you want more options, you can also consider a solar flashlight with a hand crank charger. That adds another mode of power supply. Or, go for a simple but powerful solar flashlight. The encouraging thing is that there are practically countless options here, and you can get a feature-rich solar lamp at an excellent price.

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7. Solar Generator

Most conventional solar-powered gadgets have limited power and supply. Sometimes, there’s a need for more power. That’s where a solar generator comes in. As a prepper, it can be impractical to rely solely on small voltage options. A portable solar generator can work pretty well as a dependable power supply.

With up to 12V DC and 110V 200W AC at your disposal, a lot more things become possible than simply charging your mobile phone. The setup can be a bit clunky, considering you will need a quality solar power to go along. Overall, the setup is well worth the extra effort it needs.

8. Solar Panel Charger

A solar panel charger that gets you more options is worth considering. There are several options available, though a 12V system with about 30W power can work wonders in many situations. There’s also the freedom of using your charger as necessary and customising its use. In case portability is a big concern, foldable solar panel chargers can be considered too.

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9. Solar Oven

Solar Oven

A solar oven makes it possible to cook your food with the power of the sun. Quality solar ovens can be a good option for cooking necessities. Plus, these are non-polluting and there are no fumes to alter the taste of your food. The obvious downside is that it can take substantially longer to cook with a solar oven.

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