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tin food "Budget Food Storage Plan"

7 Affordable Items For A Budget Food Storage Plan

Ardent preppers know that food storage plan is vital for preparedness. Some fail to have such a plan fearing that it cost them a lot of money – a commodity that is ever so scarce. There is no need to worry because you can still find affordable, good quality food that will not only provide the caloric needs of your body but also last long before …

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Emergency Food Storage and Resupply

The Basics of Emergency Food Storage and Resupply

Besides water, food and shelter rank top among the most important requirements in a time of crisis. It does not matter whether the crisis will last a couple of days or for months, even years. Once you take care of shelter and water, your next focus would be packing-up lots of food. You can pack up lots of food but your efforts may amount to nothing …

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