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Survival Camping Ultimate Kit Checklist

Camping is an activity many of us enjoy. Some of us even like taking our kids out to teach them more about nature, build their characters, and let them know that the city life is not everything there is to it. No matter how much experience you think you have, disasters can still happen even when camping.

This is why you need to be prepared for yourself and your family, so that you can easily get out of alarming situations such as getting lost in the wilderness, someone suffering a injury, or many other things that could go wrong.

When a disaster occurs out in the wilderness, there aren’t any stores, services, or institutions that can help. This is why you need a survival kit to be prepared for these situations. We won’t include basic camping gear such as tents or a stove in this checklist, but only the things essential to survival.

A bug out bag

Before anything you will need a proper bag in which you can put your whole survival kit. Bug out bags are the best choice for this. Look for bags are designed for storing and carrying essential survival equipment and they are very durable and practical to carry around. If you have one at home already bring that one and test it out.

Water supply

This is quite straightforward, you won’t survive without water, no matter where you are. Either get some durable water bottles or one of the many hydration systems out there. Bear in mind that each individual should have at least 2 liters of fresh water per day if you will be walking a lot and spending time in the sun.

So, before you set off into the wild, calculate how much time you would need to get to the nearest water source and stock up on fresh water for the days in between the next refill.



survival compass

If you are going on a camping trip with your kids, make sure that everyone has a compass of their own and that you first teach your kids how to use a compass. Kids are very curious and reckless at times and they will wander off exploring, looking at the nature surrounding them, and get lost.

In these situations, a compass can be the only thing helping them get to safety. Of course, before your expedition, explain to them where the nearest town is so that they can go in that direction if they get lost.

First-aid Kit

In the wilderness, injuries are common and although most of them are simple scratches or some bruises, you can never be sure what could happen. Even those minor injuries need to be tended to and you can easily take care of dangling skin from cuts, dripping blood, allergies or infections with a first-aid kit.

Make sure that your first-aid kit has alcohol, gauze, cleaning wipes, some gloves, bandages, and medication that could be useful at the location you’re going to.



survival knife

A knife is a universal tool that can come in handy in many different situations while out on survival camping. From simple tasks such as setting up your tent, to more advanced situations where you need to build something from a nearby tree.

The best way to go is to get a knife with a fixed blade, because they are generally much more durable than folding knives and you can put much more pressure on them to cut something.

On top of that, if they fall down there is hardly any chance of them being damaged. You can cut ropes, cut bandages, scrape fire starters, baton wood, and cut down smaller branches for a shelter or any other purpose. After each use, make sure to clean your knife so that it doesn’t rust. Also, bring a small knife sharpening tool so that you can maintain it properly.

Spare clothes

It’s essential for every camper to bring spare clothes for multiple reasons. First of all, if you get wet, you cannot risk hypothermia at night, as water prevents your body from heating up. When you are wet, you will also be heavier and might spend more energy walking around. On top of that, wet clothes and especially socks can cause blisters.

These are the absolute essentials you will need for a survival camping trip. Make sure to prepare yourself properly and educate yourself before going out into the wild.

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