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emergency food supply

How to prepare your emergency food supply

It’s never too late to prepare an emergency food supply even if you haven’t started yet. Read on to learn just how easy and simple it is.  Sometimes nature (or pandemics) may decide to throw its tantrums and crush you unexpectedly. While some people manage to survive, others get overwhelmed. The only difference between your chances of surviving and getting overpowered is how you prepare yourself.   …

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How long is canned food good for after expiration date

How Long is Canned Food Good for After Expiration Date

Expiry dates are not something new. You must have come across different foods in stores with varied shelf life, and canned foods are not an exception. Some manufacturers may use sell-by, expiry date, or best before, which tends to confuse consumers. Nevertheless, the shelf life of these products helps buyers to determine the quantity of purchase depending on their frequency of use. But at times you …

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survival gardening plants to grow

Best 15 survival gardening plants to grow this spring

Spring is one of the trickiest seasons for most farmers, and most people find themselves baffled on the best plants to grow. Worse still; some farmers end up investing much on their gardens only for the crops to fail terribly. Does this sound familiar to you, or have you been there before? Worry not, as we are going to take you through the best survival gardening …

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