10 Survival Mistakes You are Doing Without Knowing

By James Barton •  Updated: 08/05/19 •  5 min read

Surviving out there in the wilderness requires you to be well informed. But many a time, people tend to develop their survival mechanism, and some even end up losing their lives. Some of the causes of death are due to negligence and overconfidence. You may be wondering which of these mistakes people do. You will be so shocked to find out that even some of these mistakes you may have at some point, committed them without knowing.  So before you plan for your adventure, make sure you do not commit these mistakes.

1. Weather

Everybody has a taste when it comes to fashion. But you can’t afford to ignore the weather out there. Most people find themselves stranded or get soaked because they did not dress according to the weather. Ignoring the weather can expose you to severe health complications and even cause death. Always make sure you dress properly for the weather.

2. Consuming poisonous food

While your body needs to be well-nourished to keep you going, you need to know what is good for your body. Consuming toxic foods can kill you faster more than hunger will do. Though hunting for food in the wilderness may be challenging, you can’t afford to consume poisonous food simply because you need something to put in between your two ribs.

However, knowing what foods are safe to eat is not enough. You also have to be equipped with hunting hacks to help you survive.

3. Drinking contaminated water

Drinking clean water does not mean it is safe. Water carries harmful bacteria and other infections, which can take a toll on your body. Just because your body needs water for you to survive is not worth drinking contaminated water.

In case you do not have water purification tablets, make sure you boil your water. Rain is a good source of freshwater. So if you are in a position to collect rainwater, make sure you do so.

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4. Being overconfident with your skills

One of the reasons why most people encounter challenges out there is thinking they know more. Never be confident with your skills if you have not put them into practice. For instance, do not just assume that you can put up a tent while you have never done it before. Even when you have the experience, you need to put your skills in practice as you may forget some tricks with time.

The fact that you know how to kindle fire at your home does not mean you can’t encounter challenges. It can be disappointing to miss meals simply because you could not set fire. Always make sure you practice setting a fire under different weather conditions.

5. Continuing your journey when you have no idea where you are

Getting lost in the wilderness is not something new. But the worst mistake you can do is to continue your journey when you have no idea where you are heading to. It even makes things more complicated. The smart thing you can do when you find yourself stuck in the woods is to find your way by taking advantage of the available navigational tools.

Some may not work for you, but you should always have a backup plan. That’s why having a map and compass comes in handy during such times.

6. Drinking urine

Drinking urine is not advocated for. Even if you can’t find any source of water around, taking your urine can harm your gut.  Worse still; it will increase your urge for drinking water as it contains salts. If you can’t get water, try looking for nearby grass or plants and lick the dew. Though it will take you longer before you feel a difference, it’s better than drinking your urine.

7. Fighting back wild animals

Unless you have a gun and know how to use it, never try to scare or fight back wild animals. Some people have lost their lives in the wild while trying to fight back wild animals. While it is not a good idea to stand and wait to be attacked, you can familiarize yourself with some of the hacks for dealing with wild animals.

Spray repellents work best when you are not in a position to fight back. Get to know which ones are effective.

8. Having no idea how to signal for help

You may have your checklist right and pack everything you need. But do you know how to use each item? It can be awful to bring with you emergency signaling equipment’s when you do not have any idea how to use them. Get yourself well equipped with various emergency signaling hacks to help you call for help when you need it.

9. Removing your cap when you sweat

It is normal to sweat on your head during a hot day. But the sweating rate is high when you have put a cap. While you may want to cool down your body, removing your hat will make you lose over 70% of your body heat. This increases the number of calories lost, which will starve you.

Instead of removing your cap, it’s better to reduce your clothes. Having your hat also helps reduce the number of sun rays that may cause sunburns.

10. Drinking alcohol to keep you warm

Sometimes the weather outside there may not be that welcoming, but that is not a reason enough to take alcohol. Although having several sips will make you feel warmer, taking alcohol will make your blood vessels to dilate. This triggers blood to flow on the surface of the skin, which means less blood supply to your brain and vital organs.

Instead of getting drunk, keep yourself warm by putting on heavy clothes and setting up a fireplace.

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