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9 Cool Solar Gadgets for Preppers

Solar Gadget

If disaster strikes, it can very well take out power lines, communication, and hamper emergency services. Preparing for a situation where these pillars of modern civilisation are inaccessible, is pretty much the expected recourse for preppers. The sun is the most reliable power source in such scenarios. These solar gadgets should help tide over troubles and are important from a preppers viewpoint. 1. Solar Fire Starter …

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How to Prepare for Hunting Season in 10 Easy Steps

Preparing for hunting

Hunting is a passion for many people.  And with the season approaching, there is excitement in the air. Don’t let the hunting season catch you unprepared if you want to enjoy this big occasion.  Doing thorough online research is a great start, but if success is what you are looking for then many months, weeks, and days of training and practice are ahead of you. Hunters …

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13 Essential Tools for Forest Survival Every Prepper Should Own

Forest Survival

If there are many forests in your surrounding area, you should get ready for all possible scenarios. Ending up in the woods without the essential tools will most definitely make your life much harder. This is exactly why you should be prepared to spend some time in the wilderness. Where do you start? Which tools are essential? What’s more important: food, shelter, or clothing? These are …

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Build a Faraday Cage: How to Make One On Your Own

Faraday cage

Although the chance of an EMP attack is quite low, we cannot deny the fact that it might really happen in the future. An EMP attack can take down a power grid which will cause communication to be disabled. So, to be prepared, it is important to build a Faraday cage and making one is actually not that difficult. History of the Faraday Cage Although the …

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Why You Need a Portable Solar Panel for Your Everyday Carry Items

portable solar panel

The use of portable solar panels has become popular over the recent years, especially to preppers and survivalists. This is because they are very useful for camping and emergency and survival situations. Portable solar panels harness the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity which can power most of your everyday carry items including: Digital cameras Smartphones Flashlights Rechargeable batteries Although large solar panels are more …

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A Guide to Going Off the Grid

off grid solar panels

What Does Off the Grid Mean? When you live on the grid, it means that everything in your home is usually all connected. You get the electricity to power your home from an electric company or a co-op. It means that you get the heat for your home from a utility company if you use natural gas. If you have city water connected to your house, …

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