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outdoor survival knife

7 Smart Ways to Use a Survival Knife in the Outdoors

A survivalist has to step outdoors to explore the natural environment. Mother Nature rules out there. Therefore, you will need several items to tame it and achieve your goals. One of the many items that you cannot do without is a survival knife. A good quality survival knife is so versatile. It can replace a number of specific items that you would otherwise have to carry …

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Survival Kit

Got Your Survival Kit Covered? Think Again!

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning, turn on the news, and are greeted by warnings of a coming hurricane. Would you be prepared? What if the situation was worse? A declaration of war by a nuclear power or the accidental release of a government-manufactured virus. What about the the stirrings of economic collapse? Whether or not you believe any of these scenarios to be plausible …

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