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Forest Survival

13 Essential Tools for Forest Survival Every Prepper Should Own

If there are many forests in your surrounding area, you should get ready for all possible scenarios. Ending up in the woods without the essential tools will most definitely make your life much harder. This is exactly why you should be prepared to spend some time in the wilderness. Where do you start? Which tools are essential? What’s more important: food, shelter, or clothing? These are …

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urban survival skills

Urban Survival – 5 Skills You Need in the Concrete Jungle

Let’s be real clear about one thing – self-defense has a very precise definition within the legal system, and you need to understand your rights. It is also about much more than just knowing how to throw a punch or shoot a gun. However, when you’ve exhausted all other options a physical confrontation may be necessary. The main issue here is that people are either not …

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How to survive in the wilderness without any supplies

How to Survive in The Wilderness Without Any Supplies

When in the wilderness, you may run out of stock. But this is not a good enough reason to starve or get dehydrated. You still need to survive even when you have no supplies left. That’s why it is essential to sharpen your caveman skills to help you establish alternatives survival hacks. Survival means you should have access to the most basic needs that any human …

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Disaster Survival Skills

Disaster Survival Skills for Any Emergency Situation

For years natural disasters have hit continents hard. They have robbed us our loved ones, property, and investments that we spend years investing. We cry and with time, pick up the pieces and move on. But do we ever think of how to handle the situation better if it strikes again? Probably not; while its human nature to panic when an emergency strikes, being well informed …

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Survival Snares

Survival Snares: How to Make a Basic Survival Snares & Traps

Survival requires that you develop a variety of skills some of which may sound strange to the civilized world. One such talent is the ability to find food in the wilderness. Food provides us with the energy to perform both physically and mentally. Without it, we could go a couple of days or even weeks, but we’d be too weak and feeble to do anything to …

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Beginner’s Guide: Financial Planning for Doomsday Preppers

There are a great deal of reasons to be worried about the future: The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that we have only 12 years left to limit the effects of climate change before a global natural disaster strikes and an ever-increasing political tension has been spreading about the globe, causing worry of what impulsive actions might be undertaken from one nation …

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Storm Damage

Shelter in Place: 4 Ways You Must Prepare for Any Season

Natural disasters involving severe weather can be some of the most dangerous. For this reason, during some weather emergencies, local authorities may advise you and your family to “shelter in place.” The term “shelter in place” simply means that you should take shelter immediately wherever you happen to be. To weather any storm wherever you are, you should always have an emergency kit that includes certain …

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Permanent shelter

How to Build a Permanent Shelter in the Wilderness

Of the many items you need to survive, learning how to build a permanent shelter in the wilderness. Often we think of a short-term or temporary shelter. However, for lovers of camping, a long-term or permanent shelter could be a good move. This is the case if you have a regular camping site and you love bushcrafting. So how do you build a shelter in the wilderness? …

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Fire Starting Methods: Pros and Cons

Fire Starting Methods: Pros and Cons

Fire is vital in all survival situations. It will keep you warm in cold weather, help you with cooking, purifying water, signaling and fending off wilderness residents. There are many methods to start a fire. Each way has its pros and cons. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of all the known fire starting methods. The aim is to help you decide …

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Pitch Glue

How to Make Improvised Pitch Glue

Glue is an invaluable asset in any survival situation. It is used in repairing tents, clothing, and tarps. You can also use it to improvise certain tools such as fletching on an arrow. Furthermore, it is invaluable as a sealant for containers and canoes (water rafts). It also comes in handy if you want to make a waterproof covering and setting traps. Finding yourself in the …

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