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Urban Survival Kit: Top 8 Items You Need in Your Bag

Urban Survival Kit: Top 8 Items You Need in Your Bag

When we head out into the wild, its a smart idea  to bring emergency situation products in the chance we might run right into problem. Urban setups have their very own one-of-a-kind difficulties and also threats, also on an excellent day. To boost your possibilities of urban survival in an emergency situation, stock up on these 8 items and hope you never ever require them.


1. Flashlight

Power outages can leave a lot of people in the dark so make sure you have a good quality flashlight. Make sure you have a backup, solare would be useless in a night time blackout, I would suggest having a hand crank flashlight.

2. First Aid Kit

In an emergency situation chances are you will need medical supplies. Keep a well stocked in date first aid kit. I would recommend one for the vehicle and one for the house. There are a frustrating variety of choices available varying from sets with standard basics such as plasters and  gauze to advanced choices utilized experienced first aiders. Choose one you are familiar with.

3. Water

Keeping clean drinking water or a filtration device for emergency situations should be to priority. Chances are if there is an urban survival situation the waters could become contaminated.

4. Knife

In an urban survival environment you could draw a lot of unwanted attention carrying around a machete, don’t. Instead find knife that is easily concealed like a folding knife or credit card knife. This can also act as a self defense tool.Urban Survival Kit Knife

5. Multi-Tool

Multi tools are my savior, I carry these with me everywhere I go. The come in all shapes and size’s, from knives to pliers and even rescue cards that fit right in your wallet. A good multi-tool will have all the most important tools. A multi-functional tool can go places where most tools can’t .


6. MRE – Meal Ready to Eat

It’s a good idea to keep long life food MRE’s are perfect for this type of situation and you can make these yourself. Canning and jarring food as well as dehydration is a great way to keep food long term.

7. Radio

A small emergency radio can be life saving in disastrous weather situations and is still the most reliable form of communication in a grid down situation.

8. Weapons

Things can get a little crazy when shtf, having a weapon may be life saving even if you don’t have to use it. This can intimidate and fend off potential threats. Gun would be my first choice, I also keep a length of HV cable, this simple piece off equipment can do so many things, the sheer weight for size makes it easy to swing but has a devastating blow! and its even an emergency glass breaker



Remember these are our top 7 choices, there are still many items that you would need in an emergency  urban survival situation. But with these items you will already be well prepared.

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