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10 Must-Have Outdoor Survival Gear Items

We can all agree that having the proper outdoor survival gear can sometimes be the difference between a great time, and a not so great time or WORSE! When we think of the outdoors, the first thing that comes to our mind is sitting by the river, eating freshly caught fish and cooking with a big smile on our face. But that’s how things are in …

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food storage

9 Good Reasons To Embrace The Prepping Mindset In 2021

Prepping for survival is no longer a choice, and even those who considered it a wasteful effort a couple of years ago are taking it seriously now. Things have changed a lot in the last year, and being prepared is the only way to survive. You need to think realistically and foresee the challenges that lie ahead, and you will find absolutely valid reasons to gear …

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Hunting Tips for Preppers

7 Actionable Hunting Tips for Preppers

Hunting is an entrancing sport that requires a lot of patience and hard work, especially for preppers. Hence, before you begin to stress over the must-have hunting strategies, start going through some essential tips required to start hunting. The experience of chasing an animal requires many extended periods of sitting, pausing, and regularly being in different climatic conditions. The hard work brings in your hunt and …

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handgun recoil

Handgun Training for Students: 10 Tips for Learning How to Shoot

When met with a scary decision to choose your life over that of a terrorist, you are most likely to shoot back. Firing away from the target in this situation will cost your life so you’d better aim right. There’s no best way to do this than to learn how to handle handguns. This isn’t limited to students because self-defense in modern society requires every person in their …

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Women and Firearms

Women and Firearms: This Is Why More Females Are Choosing to Carry Guns

Living in an unpredictable world has consequences on your mental health and behavior. It has consequences on your perspective on life and how you relate to the experiences you have during your living years. Many people are looking for ways to defend themselves against attackers, robbers, and so on. We go through these hard times when the novel coronavirus turned into a world pandemic and caused …

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A to Z Gun Terminology

A to Z Gun Terminology Guide: All You Need to Know about Firearms

The recent financial, health and social conditions are full of uncertainty. And the latest world pandemic made everything worse. People lost their jobs, others got sick or lost their businesses because of this virus. And so, mayhem can unleash. Fear can conquer many people and make them prepare better for the times that are yet to come. You need to develop your urban survival skills, stock …

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How to pick a lock

How to Pick a Lock for Survival (An In-Depth Guide)

Life can be unpredictable. That’s why you need to be as prepared as possible and have a set of skills that allows you to survive even in the most challenging conditions. In this post, we’ll look at how you can pick a lock for survival, but there are many other reasons you should learn how to do that. First of all, lock picking allows you to …

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canned long life foods

Best Civilian MRE Reviews & Buying Guide

MRE meals, meaning Meals-Ready-To-Eat are mostly used by soldiers in the army for the purpose of consuming a full-nutritional meal while in the field. Their packaging is made from material which are capable of withstanding a range of environments, and even a parachute drop! Those meals though, aren’t necessarily used only by the Army Force. Out in the market exist civilian MREs, which can be extremely …

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emergency food supply

How to prepare your emergency food supply

It’s never too late to prepare an emergency food supply even if you haven’t started yet. Read on to learn just how easy and simple it is.  Sometimes nature (or pandemics) may decide to throw its tantrums and crush you unexpectedly. While some people manage to survive, others get overwhelmed. The only difference between your chances of surviving and getting overpowered is how you prepare yourself.   …

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