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10 Must-Have Products For Outdoor Survival

camping bag

When we think of the outdoors, the first thing that comes to our mind is sitting by the river, eating freshly caught fish and cooking with a big smile on our face. But that’s how things are in our mind. In reality, surviving outdoors is not as easy and simple …

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9 Good Reasons To Embrace The Prepping Mindset In 2021

food storage

Prepping for survival is no longer a choice, and even those who considered it a wasteful effort a couple of years ago are taking it seriously now. Things have changed a lot in the last year, and being prepared is the only way to survive. You need to think realistically …

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7 Actionable Hunting Tips for Preppers

Hunting Tips for Preppers

Hunting is an entrancing sport that requires a lot of patience and hard work, especially for preppers. Hence, before you begin to stress over the must-have hunting strategies, start going through some essential tips required to start hunting. The experience of chasing an animal requires many extended periods of sitting, …

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How Often To Clean A Rifle

How Often To Clean A Rifle

If you own a rifle, you can understand the responsibility of maintaining a firearm. Using it carelessly can lead to potential mishaps that may be irreversible. Thereby, it is paramount for you to clean the rifle for optimal performance everyday. You should have a collection of equipment and products you …

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What to Do to Prepare for Hurricanes

Prepare for Hurricanes

If you live in Florida, you have lots of advantages, but one major downside is dealing with hurricane season. This can be a very stressful time for Floridians, as it can have such a huge impact on their lives. The damage caused by these storms can be devastating, which is …

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How to Pick a Lock for Survival (An In-Depth Guide)

How to pick a lock

Life can be unpredictable. That’s why you need to be as prepared as possible and have a set of skills that allows you to survive even in the most challenging conditions. In this post, we’ll look at how you can pick a lock for survival, but there are many other …

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Best Civilian MRE Reviews & Buying Guide of 2020

canned long life foods

MRE meals, meaning Meals-Ready-To-Eat are mostly used by soldiers in the army for the purpose of consuming a full-nutritional meal while in the field. Their packaging is made from material which are capable of withstanding a range of environments, and even a parachute drop! Those meals though, aren’t necessarily used …

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How to prepare your emergency food supply

emergency food supply

It’s never too late to prepare an emergency food supply even if you haven’t started yet. Read on to learn just how easy and simple it is.  Sometimes nature (or pandemics) may decide to throw its tantrums and crush you unexpectedly. While some people manage to survive, others get overwhelmed. …

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17 Survival Tools for Camping with Kids

camping with kids

Naturally, parents want their kids to stay safe and secure.  And for this very reason, some families tend to avoid risky activities like camping.  But the truth is camping is a fun experience that is worth having. If kids know basic safety tips – they will be okay even if …

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How to Make Homemade MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)

Homemade MREs

With the recent food shortages due to the current COVID-19 pandemic some of us werent prepared. But what if you could make your own long-life homemade MREs survival food? Lets dig in! Meals Ready to Eat – also known as MREs – have been a staple of the military diet …

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