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What to Do if You Find Yourself in an Emergency While Hunting


One of the things that makes hunting so thrilling is that it puts us face-to-face with nature, which can mean unbelievable, up-close interactions with animals and splendid views of nature. It can also mean potentially dangerous and even life-threatening situations, brought forth by hazardous terrain, hungry predators and unexpected, fast-changing …

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Fire Emergency Kit: 5 Essential Items You Need

Disaster Checklist

Fire is the type of disaster that no one wants to imagine striking their home. Unfortunately, there is an average of more than 355,000 residential structure fires each year and seven Americans lose their lives in home fires every day. These disasters can be caused by numerous things, including cooking …

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Top 30 Best Prepper Gear

Best Prepper Gear

Surviving means that you have all the basic items any human being would require to stay alive. Some items might be of great importance to you but might not be of any importance to other people. This means that your list can as well be different from that of another …

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What you need to know before prepping for your basic survival

prepping for basic survival

Prepping for survival can be a daunting task, especially for a rookie. But you will be surprised to know that even those who have handled emergencies in their lifetime still get Goosebumps. While most people think that experience may make a difference, sometimes it may not. In fact, after reading …

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10 Survival Mistakes You are Doing Without Knowing

Survival Mistakes

Surviving out there in the wilderness requires you to be well informed. But many a time, people tend to develop their survival mechanism, and some even end up losing their lives. Some of the causes of death are due to negligence and overconfidence. You may be wondering which of these …

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Best MRE Meals for Survival and Emergency Situations

mre meals

Are you looking for the best MRE meals available in your pursuit to be prepared for the worst? Meals, Ready to Eat (MRE) are considered highly mobile and low-cost methods of feeding soldiers. However, they have also gained popularity amongst survivalists, preppers, and glampers. You can also find MRE meals …

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How to prepare your emergency food supply

emergency food supply

Sometimes nature may decide to throw its tantrums and crush you unexpectedly. While some people manage to survive, others get overwhelmed. The only difference between your chances of surviving and getting overpowered is how you prepare yourself. While you can’t predict when disasters are bound to happen, you can plan …

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15 Long Shelf-Life Canned Foods for Prepping Storage

how long canned foods can last you

One of the basic needs for human is food. But some run into trouble when making their choices. So whether you are prepping for your camping, emergency, or any natural disaster, you need to be vigilant on the type of food you go for. And canned foods come in handy …

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How Long is Canned Food Good for After Expiration Date

How long is canned food good for after expiration date

Expiry dates are not something new. You must have come across different foods in stores with varied shelf life, and canned foods are not an exception. Some manufacturers may use sell-by, expiry date, or best before, which tends to confuse consumers. Nevertheless, the shelf life of these products helps buyers …

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The 6 Most Likely All-Out Calamities in 21st Century

Doomsday Prepping

Calamities are possible. This notion, that things actually could go very badly wrong, often seems very far from our shared view of the world. The fact that you can read this means that you are likely living in a developed Western country, with a full belly, ready access to healthcare …

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Preppers Guide: How to Survive in the woods when SHTF

How to Survive in the woods

Each year, about 2000 people get lost in the woods. Some come out alive; others go missing forever, while others are found dead. So while you get involved in your outdoor adventure, it is good to get prepared for anything. Your undying urge to take your adventure may push you …

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