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camping with kids

17 Survival Tools for Camping with Kids

Naturally, parents want their kids to stay safe and secure.  And for this very reason, some families tend to avoid risky activities like camping.  But the truth is camping is a fun experience that is worth having. If kids know basic safety tips – they will be okay even if something unexpected happens. Let’s talk about how to get your children prepared for a camping adventure. …

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Homemade MREs

How to Make Homemade MREs

Making your own homemade MREs can not only save you a ton of money, but can also give you piece of mind that you know exactly what is in them. Come along as we discuss ways to make your own MREs at home. With the recent food shortages due to the current COVID-19 pandemic some of us werent prepared. But what if you could make your …

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Camping Hacks

30 Camping Hacks for Your Next Trip

Everybody will have a different definition of a great camping trip. But how you prepare for the adventure matters a lot. And one of the secrets to a thrilling outdoor adventure is proper planning. And if you love camping, you know how missing out or leaving behind some items can ruin the entire trip. To get you organized and plan for your trip without spending much, …

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basic camping skills

10 Camping Skills Every Camper Should Know

Camping involves a lot of activities, and your camping skills will determine the extent to which you will enjoy your camping. As a camper, you need skills that are related to safety as well as those that improve the quality of your camping experience. Such skills are also crucial in ensuring you carry everything that you will need when you go camping. Better still; you will …

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Camping food list

The ultimate camping food list

Camping enthusiasts sometimes face some challenges when trying to figure out what foods they should carry when they go for their adventure. And if you are trying to figure out how to go about it you are not alone. Not many people can come up with a comprehensive list of all the things they need for such activities. But one thing you have to note is …

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Camping in the Rain

15 Tips for Camping in the Rain

Camping in the rain shouldn’t be a tall order for you regardless of whether you are a rookie or a veteran. The fact that the weather is not favorable does not mean you cannot have fun. The secret of camping in the rain is having the right gear and preparing yourself well for the adventure. There are fun parts and hacks to learn in our guide …

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Permanent shelter

How to Build a Permanent Shelter in the Wilderness

Of the many items you need to survive, learning how to build a permanent shelter in the wilderness. Often we think of a short-term or temporary shelter. However, for lovers of camping, a long-term or permanent shelter could be a good move. This is the case if you have a regular camping site and you love bushcrafting. So how do you build a shelter in the wilderness? …

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choosing a good campsite

How to choose a good campsite

Regular camping is a great way to rewind and relax after weeks or even months of tight schedules and family responsibilities. At less fortunate times, you may have to camp in the wilderness following a disaster. In both cases, your chances of survival depend on the site where you camp.  You’ll often find yourself camping in the wilderness or bush. Poor choice of a campsite could …

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Preparing Your Car for camping

Preparing Your Car for a Long Family Camping Trip

It’s always great to see people taking their kids out camping and getting the new generations interested in outdoor activities. A long family road trip is also the perfect opportunity to bind and learn a bit more about yourself. However, when you are on the road for a long time there’s always a chance of something going wrong so it pays to be prepared. If you …

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survival camping kit checklist

Survival Camping Ultimate Kit Checklist

Camping is an activity many of us enjoy. Some of us even like taking our kids out to teach them more about nature, build their characters, and let them know that the city life is not everything there is to it. No matter how much experience you think you have, disasters can still happen even when camping. This is why you need to be prepared for …

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