How Much Water Should You Carry in Your Bug out Bag

water bottle for bug out bag

Are you wondering about how much water you should carry in your bug out bag?  We provide you with reliable information to help you make an informed choice before bugging out. Keeping yourself hydrated should be your primary concern. Of all the items you can carry in your Bug out …

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Direct Action Ghost Backpack Review of 2019

Direct Action Ghost Backpack

I purchased the Direct Action Ghost backpack around a year ago, and since then I have put it through it’s paces. This Direct Action Ghost Backpack review is a summary of my experience with the pack, hopes for the next design, and more.  Description of the Direct Action Ghost backpack …

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Bug Out Strategy – Why You Need One

Best Bug Out Strategy

Bug Out Strategy – Why You Need One If a disaster were to hit today, would you be ready to keep yourself and your loved ones alive, do you have a bug out strategy? This is a question of preparation. Survival readiness is a very important thing that we should …

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