Got Your Survival Kit Covered? Think Again!

Survival Kit

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning, turn on the news, and are greeted by warnings of a coming hurricane. Would you be prepared? What if the situation was worse? A declaration of war by a nuclear power or the accidental release of a government-manufactured virus. What about the the …

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Understanding Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse

The global economy is fragile. Unlike wealth in the past, which was based on real goods—food, water, wood, and so on—today’s wealth is fictitious. What this means is that the majority of money today is based on speculation, doubt, and what is essentially gambling. This reality makes financial bubbles—like the …

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Have you Considered Perennial Homesteading?

Perennial Homesteading

Are you prepared to grow your own food? If a disaster with long-term ramifications strikes, even the most well-stocked reserves in the world aren’t going to last forever. Eventually, you’re going to have to think about homesteading to provide for you and your family. Ideally, you will already have a …

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The Bare Basics – Surviving After The Fall


Surviving After a Disaster While all many people comfortably lead their typical lives today, it is probably true that a few of them have the basic survival and preparedness tips and tricks. Many catastrophes both man-made and natural are hitting the world from the left, right, and center, rendering everyone susceptible. …

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Steps to Protecting Your Family in a Disaster Situation

Protecting Your Family in a Disaster Situation

Protection of yourself and your family – it’s the ideal at the heart of the survivalist mindset. There’s nothing more important, and all other things – food contingencies, shelter, weapons caching – are built around that goal. In this article I want to explore some of the issues that can …

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