What you need to know before prepping for your basic survival

By James Barton •  9 min read

Prepping for survival can be a daunting task, especially for a rookie. But you will be surprised to know that even those who have handled emergencies in their lifetime still get Goosebumps. While most people think that experience may make a difference, sometimes it may not. In fact, after reading this guide, you will agree that you may have been overwhelmed by challenges before simply because you didn’t have any idea on how to handle it. The secret behind surviving any emergency is preparedness. But before we take you through the basic survival preparation process, understand the term better.

What is prepping?

Prepping is planning and preparing for an emergency or disaster by storing enough supplies. Regardless of the occurrence, you may be planning for, prepping is a critical process which you cannot ignore.

And you will be surprised that you do some prepping, even in your daily activities. If you find yourself planning for the future by paying for insurance covers, saving money future, checking out your bike or car for any signs of fault, then you are already a prepper.

But some preparations require you to have focus and lay down effective strategies. You cannot just plan and sit back without a backup plan. Supposing your strategy fails? And this is where most preppers hit a snag and get overwhelmed, especially when nothing seems to work.

One rule for prepping is to look past your solutions, such that even when an emergency strikes, you can pick up your pieces and move on with life. You may have stories on how to handle emergencies. But despite of what you may have heard, it all boils down to how good you’ve prepared yourself.

So now how do you start preparing for your basic survival? Keep reading…

How to start prepping for basic survival

No matter the emergency, you will agree that there are basics that you can’t do without. And for you to survive, you need them. And below is how to prepare for your basic survival.

Plan adequately

Planning for any emergency requires you to be vigilant. You can’t just jump in and start from nowhere without even having a plan. Having a plan helps you focus on your target and enables you to calculate how much you need to get the prepping ready.

In your plan, there are things you can’t afford to miss. When choosing what to include in your plan, you should factor in the following.

Items you can’t do without

Everybody yearns to live a comfortable life, but you will agree that there are some basics you can’t go without. Without factoring in those luxurious items you wish to have, you will need water, food, shelter, and oxygen to survive. And below is a breakdown of how you can prepare for each of these basics.


Oxygen is one of the basic priorities you can’t do without. And as much as people tend to prioritize the other three basic needs, you cannot afford to ignore oxygen. You will agree that even when you take a high nutritional meal, drink clean water, and have a place to call home, your chances of surviving when you experience a nuclear explosion or fall out are minimal.

A gas mask can help you access fresh air. However, you need to stay indoors where there is proper circulation of air.


We all need water to keep our bodies well hydrated. Before you could even figure out where to get food, you should first think of a good supply of water. If you are in a position to buy fresh bottled water, then make sure you factor in your family size when budgeting.

In case you cannot afford bottled water, you can source for water from nearby lakes, spring, rivers or dams and purify it. Have enough supply of water purification tablets or be well equipped with water purification hacks.

Make sure you keep a keen watch on the water levels to avoid getting caught up in a mess when the water sources dry up. You can invest in water storage containers and sore enough to last you for the whole season.


We eat to live. And even though you can survive for a few days without food, you cannot live long. Even when your body is not active, you still need energy for body metabolism. To keep your body well replenished, you need to eat a well-balanced diet with high nutritional content.

However, in times of emergency, you may not have access to fresh food. So the best way to make sure you have enough food supply is to stockpile long shelf foods. If you are in a position to cultivate a small garden where you can plant vegetables, make sure you utilize that opportunity.

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In times of emergency, you probably have no access to your home. So you have to improvise a non-leaky place where you can call home. It doesn’t matter whether it is an RV, a tent, or even a cave. If you have a tent, make sure you have all it takes to set it up.


The fact that you have shelter is not enough. You need to keep yourself warm as temperatures out there can be extremely low, especially during winter and at night. Learn some hacks on how to kindle fire to keep you warm during the night. Invest in waterproof lighters to avoid any disappointments during rainy seasons.

Other basic survival gear you may need

Personal hygiene supplies

Even when you get displaced from your home, you need to keep your hygiene at par. Poor hygiene can cause skin complications or bacterial infections, which can be costly to manage. Always make sure your hygiene is in check.

Self-defense skills

When you are out there, you can face all sorts of attacks. So for you to survive, you need to be well equipped with self-defense skills. This goes hand in hand with learning how to use defense tools like ammunitions.

Better still; you also need to know how to swim or drive should a disaster hit. Think of a scenario where you are out fishing, and your boat gets capsized.

Worse still; you get attacked by wild animals or probably receive a natural disaster notification, and you don’t have anyone to drive you away from the scene. And the best you can do is run for your dear life and leave all your supplies behind. It can be a daunting experience, and we can bet no one would like to undergo through this.

To make sure that you do not get overwhelmed, suffer loses, or even risk losing your life; you have to be well equiped with essential skills you can apply during an emergency.

First aid kit

Accidents happen unexpectedly, and you may get injured when trying to save your life. A first aid kit can help you attend to any injured person or give yourself a first aid should such mishaps happen. However, never rely solely on a first aid kit as you may run out of supplies. Learning other life-saving survival hacks can help you contain the situation better.

You don’t need to be qualified. Familiarize yourself with some of the home-made remedies or plants with healing or medicinal properties. Take precaution when using plant remedies, especially orally when on other medications. Conventional medications may adversely react with your body leading to more severe complications.

Pepper spray

Owning a gun is quite expensive, and not everyone would afford one. So you cannot just sit and assume everything will be okay. Any sorts of attacks should be able to be maintained. May it be from your fellow human who probably wants to take away your supplies, or even wild animal which may be a threat to you. Pepper sprays come in handy during such times, and you can’t afford to walk without a spray bottle.


While you may have enough supplies, you will still require some money for an emergency should you lose your supplies or run out of supplies. Make sure you have a savings account where you can save the little you have to cater for such emergencies when they arise.

Pocket knife

Owning a pocket knife can save your life. Think of a situation where you need to cook, reduce your firewood or skin fish in the wilderness. You will definitely make use of your pocket knife. So make sure you have one that gives you great versatility.


Whistles have been relied upon for years by our forefathers as an emergency tool. You don’t need to suffer any emergency to own one. Even when you are at your home, make sure you have a whistle. You may never know, thieves may evade your home. Owning one isn’t enough. You need to be equiped with skills how to use it.

Wrapping up

Planning for your basic survival is a continuous process which should be well prepared. Do not rush things but again avoid procrastination. Make sure you keep the process ongoing, just in case the unexpected hits you. And the fact that you are planning for emergencies, that does not mean they are bound to happen. But it’s better to be prepared and have what it takes to survive and not use it than not having nothing when you need supplies. So now it’s time to get your thoughts together and start saving and planning ahead of time. But before you purchase your supplies, make sure you go for quality and best deals.