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handgun recoil

Handgun Training for Students: 10 Tips for Learning How to Shoot

When met with a scary decision to choose your life over that of a terrorist, you are most likely to shoot back. Firing away from the target in this situation will cost your life so you’d better aim right. There’s no best way to do this than to learn how to handle handguns. This isn’t limited to students because self-defense in modern society requires every person in their …

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Women and Firearms

Women and Firearms: This Is Why More Females Are Choosing to Carry Guns

Living in an unpredictable world has consequences on your mental health and behavior. It has consequences on your perspective on life and how you relate to the experiences you have during your living years. Many people are looking for ways to defend themselves against attackers, robbers, and so on. We go through these hard times when the novel coronavirus turned into a world pandemic and caused …

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A to Z Gun Terminology

A to Z Gun Terminology Guide: All You Need to Know about Firearms

The recent financial, health and social conditions are full of uncertainty. And the latest world pandemic made everything worse. People lost their jobs, others got sick or lost their businesses because of this virus. And so, mayhem can unleash. Fear can conquer many people and make them prepare better for the times that are yet to come. You need to develop your urban survival skills, stock …

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gun safe

Guns in the Home, Firearms Safety & Prevention

If you were raised back in the ’50s or ’60s, you probably remember how your childhood was different from that of our children today. Back then, cars didn’t have safety belts, bikers rode their motorcycles without helmets. And if you grew in a hunting family, having different types of firearms was as natural as having utensils or cleaning detergents. Today, things have changed. Most families around …

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handgun training

Handgun Training for Students: 7 Tips for Learning How to Shoot

Despite some political leaders and people disputing the second amendment, it is no lie that students are at risk of being attacked at any time. Colleges and universities can be prime targets for mass shootings and other terrorist attacks. Furthermore, students can get targeted, assaulted and even murdered.  Handgun training is a must! All these cases call for students to be qualified shooters with the intention …

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Preparing for hunting

How to Prepare for Hunting Season in 10 Easy Steps

Hunting is a passion for many people.  And with the season approaching, there is excitement in the air. Don’t let the hunting season catch you unprepared if you want to enjoy this big occasion.  Doing thorough online research is a great start, but if success is what you are looking for then many months, weeks, and days of training and practice are ahead of you. Hunters …

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Prepper Handguns

Top 9 Prepper Handguns

A handgun is a crucial self-defense gear for many people especially preppers. In an emergency, a pistol will make you feel safer and more confident than if you had no firearm. It also gives you a feeling of self-responsibility, physical discipline, and stress-free. For those who do not understand guns, a handgun is defined as a short-barrel firearm that is engineered for single hand use. The …

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A Short Introduction to Firearms From a Survivalist Perspective

Perhaps you have been carefully considering what you need to be a successful survivalist. You have been looking for information regarding firearms from a survivalist perspective. This article, which is aimed at true beginners, is a basic introduction to firearms as appertains to preppers. The subject of firearms is sensitive because it is a matter of life and death and involves logic as well as legal …

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rifle scope buying guide

Long-range scope buying guide

The best rifle scope is a great help to be sure to hit the target when shooting. The market offers a wide choice both for a price and for quality. We are here to give you a series of long-range scope buying guide. By comparing prices and availability, you will notice how the offer is particularly wide and varied. So we decided to make this guide …

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Top 5 Survival Rifles

No matter what you’re prepping for,  protection is a vital element of enduring any kind of calamity. Everybody has their choice regarding exactly what certifies as the most effective survival tool. Background has actually verified the rifle to be the most effective all-purpose weapon to deal with a selection of fight and also protection situations. Though pistols and also shotguns are likewise to be thought about, …

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