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off grid solar panels

A Guide to Going Off the Grid

What Does Off the Grid Mean? When you live on the grid, it means that everything in your home is usually all connected. You get the electricity to power your home from an electric company or a co-op. It means that you get the heat for your home from a utility company if you use natural gas. If you have city water connected to your house, …

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Wilderness Survival

10 Things You Need For Wilderness Survival

Humans, unlike wild animals, have no natural adaptations to survive in the wilderness. However, campers, hikers, hunters, and backpackers often venture into the wild to satisfy their thrills. Without the right supplies, surviving in the wilderness can be a wishful thought. To make the most out of your expedition and come back home in a single piece, you will need a few vital supplies. Here are …

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The physical properties of hardwood are different from those of softwood. Therefore, you need to be well conversant with the properties and use the correct technique to split hardwood. Unlike softwood, hardwood is tough with some species featuring interlocking grains and others naturally designed to resist splitting. Such characteristics make hardwood extremely hard to split. However, with the right information on how to split hardwood for …

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Survival Kit

Got Your Survival Kit Covered? Think Again!

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning, turn on the news, and are greeted by warnings of a coming hurricane. Would you be prepared? What if the situation was worse? A declaration of war by a nuclear power or the accidental release of a government-manufactured virus. What about the the stirrings of economic collapse? Whether or not you believe any of these scenarios to be plausible …

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