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Top 5 Best Survival Knives

Many think of survival knives only as cutting tools. Nothing could be too far from the truth. A survival knife is a multipurpose tool that can help you complete many tasks that you’d otherwise need other devices to complete. In this regard, it can help you eliminate excess weight exerted by the specialized tools.

Uses of a survival knife

The uses of knives in survival situations run the gamut from self-defense to preparing food. You can use it to make shelter, gather tinder for fire making, make ropes, cleaning and preparing a game for food, create a bow drill for fire starting and carving tools for hunting or fishing. You can also use the reflective surface of the knife as a signaling device.

Five Best Survival Knives Review

Not just any survival knife will help you complete the tasks as mentioned earlier. You need a high-quality model that is strong, sharp, versatile and durable. It should also be safe to use. We have selected five of the best survival knives you can trust will help you in any survival situation.

1. A-1003 Fixed Blade Knife

The A-1003 Fixed Blade Survival knife is designed to be the ultimate combat weapon for the US Army. It features a drop point blade. The full-tang fixed blade is made from 440 heavy-duty stainless steel giving it maximum durability and resilience.

The knife has a 5-1/2-inch blade featuring saw-back serration and a razor-sharp front blade for optimal performance. These blades can cut through some of the thickest materials with ease.

It is fitted with impact resistant G-10 handle scales that present finger groves as well as thumb rest for comfortable and safe handling. It is designed for use with the MOLLE system. The knife comes with a protective sheath.

2. Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife

The term tenacious means to hold fast or tightly. Thus the Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife is tough, durable and resilient. It is fitted with a black G-10 laminate handle that is comfortable, safe and ergonomic for fatigue-free use. The handle is also extremely durable under all conditions.

Also, the knife features a groove that enables quick opening when you require deploying it hurriedly. Mid-size Tenacious boasts of a snap click opening.  It does not need you to make use of both of use both of your hands when you want to close it.

It is fitted with a leaf-shaped stainless steel blade. The blade is ground flat all the way from the spine to the cutting edge for excellent performance. An over-sized Spyderco round hole and well as textured spine jimping lets you open the blade and place your thumb on the spine for no-slip confidence.

3. Disaster Survival Machete & Rescue Knife

A survival knife is multipurpose. What if it is not a survival set that has a machete and a rescue knife? It is more than multipurpose. It features a 24-inch Colombian machete that features a thick, full tang and all-black18-inch intimidating blade. The blade can take a beating but still not lose its edge even with heavy use.

The machete also has an injection-molded handle that feels soft and comfortable in your hand. The grip is also non-slip even in hot conditions. There is a looped cord wrist lanyard to ensure your machete does not stray.

A rescue knife forms part of the set. It is suitable for smaller survival tasks. The knife measures 8-1/8 inches and has a stainless steel handle that is reinforced with G-10 inlays. It has 3-1/4 camo-coated also made of stainless steel and honed to a razor-sharp edge. The blade offers a piercing tanto point. Both the machete and the knife come with a protective sheath.

4. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

Take a look at this survival knife, and you will instantly realize why it is the knife of choice for the US Marine Corps. The KA-BAR Full-Size Fighting survival Knives is a fixed blade tool with a comfortable, safe and ergonomic leather handle. It features a gold-plated brass protective guard and pommel.

Its 1095 Cro-Van stainless steel blade measures 7 inches in length and is designed for sharpness and durability. However, it does not have any serrations. You can use the knife to slice, cut or chop different materials. It is also great for hunting and preparing food. In a self-defense scenario, it steps in as a dreadful combat knife.

KA-BAR Fighting Knife comes with a high-quality protective sheath. The sheath is made of 100 percent pure leather giving strength, durability, and ruggedness. It looks and feels good and will keep the blade of your knife sharp and protected.

5. Smith & Wesson 8 inch Special Ops M-9

The last but not the least survival knife in our top 5 survival knives is the Smith & Wesson 8 inch Special Ops M-9. It is an excellent choice if you are searching for a high quality a Special Forces survival knife. Although marked as a fighting knife, it comes in as a beautiful survival knife for preppers.

Unlike the other knives, we have so far reviewed that feature G-10 handles, this model is fitted with a robust, rugged and durable all-weather grip handle made of ABS. Regardless of the material, the handle is still comfortable and ergonomic for long-lasting fatigue-free use.

The S&W Special Ops M-9 has an 8-inch spear point blade made of 420J2 stainless steel. The blade is notched with a spine as well as a large blood groove. It comes with a sharpening stone plus a wire cutter. Smith & Wesson is well known for producing high-quality survival gears. The M-9 is a good example.


There you have it. If you have been looking for the best survival knife to buy for your survival day preparedness, pick one among the ones we have reviews. This does not mean the list of the best is limited to the five. You are free to make any additions if you are convinced there are better knives we have left behind. Otherwise, you can check them out to see if our claim is valid.

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