Got Your Urban Survival Kit Covered? Think Again! Learn How to Do it Right

By James Barton •  Updated: 08/03/19 •  10 min read

Just like taking an adventure, having an urban kit will enable you to overcome any challenges that may arise. But before building one, you need to be well informed. Note that every survival kit will vary in regards to your needs, but there are some obvious items. In this piece, we will guide you in setting up an ultimate survival kit. But before we take you through the process, here is why you need one.

Why you need an urban survival kit

While you cannot predict when emergencies are bound to happen, you can’t afford to sit back and relax. You need to be prepared adequately. The essence of having an urban kit is to help reduce the chances of getting overwhelmed when disaster strikes.

However, while having enough supplies at home makes a difference, it is not enough. Think of a situation where a disaster strikes when you at your workplace. Worse still; you get stuck, and you can’t get a chance to sneak and get home.

You may have at some point witnessed some people lose property or their supplies through natural disasters. So to avoid being another statistic, you need to plan appropriately and look way beyond your home supplies. This means you should get prepared for anything early enough and have your urban survival kit ready.

But before jumping in and preparing your survival kit, there are essential aspects you should look into. And among them include:

Items that you may need

While you may have enough supplies at home, that doesn’t mean you carry them every time you go out. But you can pack some crucial items that you think can be of help should anything happen. For instance, in case of fire, you may require metal to break inside and probably save your supplies before they get consumed by flames. However, you do not need to carry heavy metals whenever you go to work or move out.

You can formulate ways to break inside in case of any emergency.

What you can’t do without

For you to survive, you will need food, water, and shelter. While at times you may not be in a position to carry tents everywhere, you cannot afford to go without a bottle of water. Studies have shown that drinking water can help your brain relax and calm your body, especially when you are under attack. Throwing a bottle of water in your bag can help keep you hydrated as you try to get a fix.

Since you cannot carry a tent in your small bag, you can make use of the available urban buildings during an emergency. And by any chance, if you come across any food supplies that may have been left in an abandoned building, be it from a store, or a home, make use of them.

While it could not seem like a good idea at first, you should focus on saving your life and getting your body nourished. However, as much as your body needs food, never take chances and consume contaminated food that may have come into contact with fire flames, floodwater, or firefighting flames.

Also, ensure you reach out to your loved ones and notify them about your safety. And if possible, stay in touch and avoid switching your phone off.

What your urban survival kit should include


A flashlight is one of the must-have items that you should never miss in your survival kit. It comes in handy during emergencies when you have power outages or probably walking at night. Better still; a flashlight will help you locate your items in the dark. When choosing the best emergency flashlight to buy, you should factor in the following.


Having a tool that combines functions of different tools can help you perform various tasks with ease. However, there are some tools you can’t miss in your kit. Make sure your kit has the following tools

Water tablets

While you may have a bottle of water in your get to work bag, you need to think beyond the day and plan ahead of time. Throwing some water purification tablets in your bag will help you in times of emergency when you don’t have access to clean water. Though having water tablets will help you purify water, you cannot solely rely on them.

Always think about a scenario where you run out supplies and get yourself equipped with other survival hacks. You will not only find solutions faster but also increase your chances of surviving hardships out there.


While you may not have the time or equipment to prepare your meals, your body will need to be well-nourished to keep you going. Canned foods, MREs, and other food that you think will last you longer without calling for much cooking are highly advocated.

Ready to eat food comes in handy in those situations when you do not have time or water food cooking. So when you come across abandoned supplies, focus on getting more ready to eat foods that won’t go bad fast. But if you are not lucky enough, you have to work with what comes your way.

As mentioned earlier, it’s better to loot food than starves and die of hunger. Though we do not advocate for it, you can’t just sit back and die.


During emergencies, you are not guaranteed that you will have access to food. So you can’t just go out there with high expectations. If possible have some cash or call your friends or family to send some money to buy the basics. However, you need to budget the little you have or else you will find yourself unable to survive with the little cash you have.

For instance, if you go out to buy some food, make sure you avoid salty foods or nuts as they increase your urge to drink more water. Always aim at getting high nutritional food which will keep you full for long.


When you are out there, and you come across food, and probably you do not have water to clean your hands, a spork will help you enjoy your dish without having to worry about any contamination.

Stay warm

Surviving those cold nights out there will require you to stay warm and put on heavy clothing. While kindling fire can help keep you warm, it is not enough. Pack some clothes which you can alternate. You can’t afford to step out without a poncho during the rainy season. Make sure you have one to prevent your clothes from being soaked.


A paracord comes in handy in different emergencies and is one of the items you can’t afford to miss in your survival kit checklist. Some of the areas you can utilize it include making a cloth line, fixing your broken shoelaces, tie heavy luggage, hang your emergency shelter, or secure your gear at the back of your backpack.


Sometimes you may be forced to spend sleepless nights outside. During such times, you cannot afford to stay in the cold. Having a fire starter with you will allow you to keep yourself warm, prepare your meals, and also scare wild animals.

But before choosing your fire starter, make sure you invest in a quality brand. Do not go for the cheap plastic lighters which break when dropped. Waterproof matches are also another excellent pick for your fire kindling needs.


Sometimes you may suffer flu, and you can’t scream loud enough for help. But with a whistle, you can never go wrong. To prevent any frustration in time of an attack, make sure you practice using a whistle. Always make sure your whistle is within reach when needed. You can hang it on your neck instead of your bag or pocket.

Power bank

A power bank will help you charge your phone when you are having power outages. Always ensure your power bank is fully charged and can store a considerable amount of power.

First aid kit

In times of emergency, you may get hurt, or anyone in your group needs attention. Though at times you may not be in a position to handle the situation, a first aid kit can make a difference. Make sure the kit is fully equipped.

With time some items in your kit may expire. So you don’t need to be caught unaware when you badly need to use it. Make sure you keep check on the expiry date to prevent any disappointments.

Replaceable batteries

Even if you have durable cells, you need to be armed with replaceable batteries, should your flashlight drain cells unexpectedly. It can be stressing for your flashlight to go dim when you badly need it.

Emergency radio

You need to catch the latest news and disaster updates even when you are away from home. A portable emergency radio comes in handy. Make sure you catch the latest news to avoid being caught by disaster or emergency. Make sure you have replaceable batteries to prevent missing out on important updates. Take necessary actions early enough to avoid being caught up unawares.

Personal hygiene items

Even when you are away from your home, you need to keep personal hygiene at par. You can’t afford to go for weeks without brushing or taking a shower. Make sure you have included all that you need for your hygiene. This may consist of items like bathing towel, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and makeup.

For women, make sure you include sanitary items which can last you for an extended period.

Personal protection

While personal hygiene is important, you cannot afford to take your safety for granted. You can’t go out there without proper protection, or you may suffer injuries. You need to include personal protection items for protecting eyes, ears, hands, knees, head, and lung protection.

Throwing some few packs of condoms can help you practice safe sex. Even if you may not need them, someone else may need them.

Safety pins

Your clothes may get torn, and chances are you do not have time to mend them. Safety pins will help you hold torn clothes together.


You may never know, your shoe sole may become loose, and probably you don’t have another pair. Superglue can help you fix it. Better still; you can also utilize it to fit other items together.


To carry your survival kit, you need a quality backpack that can withstand the weight and accommodate your items. Learn packing hacks to minimize any chances of getting overwhelmed by your bag.

Tip: During an emergency, avoid as much as possible from staying in one place. Take a walk and refresh yourself but make sure you have a bag where you can throw some few items that you may need for the day.

Wrapping up

Surviving in urban areas is much different from rural places. However, as much as it may seem a bit challenging, you cannot afford to sit back and become another statistic. You need to put your shit together and find a survival hacks. While some may require you to break the rules, you got to survive anyway. Your life is more important than anything else, and only you can take care of yourself. Learn different survival hacks, break the rules if need be, and you will be able to conquer any challenge out there. And remember to be positive and keep your mind fully engaged. So there you have it, your ultimate urban survival kit and everything you need to conquer any emergency. If you have ever encountered an emergency, feel free to share your experience and will be glad to sample them.

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