Everyday Carry (EDC)

Everyday Carry, or EDC, refers to the things that a person carries with them every day and every time that they leave the house. The general idea is this: most people won’t carry a go-bag or bug-out-bag around with them all the time, let alone a bigger bag sufficient for surviving extended emergencies or civic unrest.

Instead of weighing yourself down with a lot of gear that you’ll only need one day in a thousand, or ten thousand, EDC is the practice of carrying small, portable, essential emergency supplies with you at all time.

Elements of EDC


The most basic element of EDC is your keys. Most people have their keys with them any time they leave the house, so it makes sense to add a few survival tools to your keyring. Popular items include miniature flashlights like the Streamlight Nano and small multitools like the Schrade Pry Tool.



Every EDC kit should include a knife of some sort, unless you’re having to travel through security checkpoints like those at airports. Some choose a sturdy, reliable fixed blade in a sheath, while others prefer the compact low-profile of a folding knife. Either way, having a blade with you every day could save your life.


Many EDC advocates also include a personal firearm in their kit. A firearm can be an excellent means of self-protection in the event of an emergency. Be sure to research your local laws and attain any necessary permits before purchasing a firearm.


Water Bottle

While it’s not part of every EDC kit, we recommend that a stainless steel water bottle be part of everyone’s regular gear. We recommend stainless because, in the event of an emergency, you can use the bottle as an improvised pot for purifying water, cooking food, and making hot drinks. This can literally be a lifesaver in the event your water sources are contaminated.


Emergency Supplies

Another essential element of EDC is a small stock of emergency supplies. I recommend a small tin or bag containing a lighter, a number of matches, a few pieces of waxed cotton or other fire-starter, a small duck tape wrap, and a button compass.

Personalizing Your EDC

Ultimately, what you carry on your person every day is a personal decision, and depends on the types of locations you frequent, the sorts of emergencies and situations you may encounter, and the bags and pockets you have for equipment.

There, we recommend that you take these basics and customize them to suit your needs and situation. Good luck and stay safe.

What is Everyday Carry (EDC)?
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