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What is an EDC Kit?

Many people are familiar with the phrase Everyday Carry, or EDC. But if you were to ask them what it means, they would fumble at best to give you an answer. For others, the curiosity of getting the definition forces them to scan through images to get an idea. Very few resources adequately answer the question; what is Every Day Carry or EDC (as it is commonly referred to).

In this article, we aim to give you the right definition along with the items that make up the list. At the end of the article, you will learn why it is essential to have this vital survival gear at all times.

EDC Defined

An Every Day Carry is a term that describes the items that a person carries in their person every day and every time that they get out of their homes.  A more appropriate definition is that they are the things you bring on a regular, consistent basis to help with dealing with the usual daily needs of the modern society inclusive of possible SHTF scenarios.

The need for such gear is formed by the idea that most people will not carry a BOB or go-bag with them regularly and consistently. Besides, it would be awkward to bring a big bag sufficient for surviving for long periods of emergencies of unrest.

An Every Day Carry aims to eliminate the need for you to weigh yourself down with a lot of gear that you will only need rarely. An EDC allows you to carry only the small, multipurpose, portable and essential supplies for emergencies in your person all the time.

You can distribute these items in your pockets in everyday clothing and various clothing accessories such as bracelets, purse, fanny pack, small day pack and even specific footwear such as long boots and vests fitted with pockets.

The Benefits of EDC

There are many benefits you can enjoy with EDC approach to your daily activities, belongings, and preparedness.

  1. Accomplish more and better: Adding new tools to your EDC gives you more access to many new functions that make your every day better or your life easier. Furthermore, you can maximize the performance and efficiency of your existing tools.
  2. Self-reliance and preparedness: You cannot predict a disaster or other calamities that cause emergencies. An EDC will help you make quick use of any opportunity to begin managing the survival situation. You will not rely entirely on anyone to increase your chances of survival
  3. Long terms savings: You may not see it as an investment but imagine having to buy the tools all at once during an emergency with money you do not have. Prospects are even better if you choose healthy, durable and well-made tools to add to your EDC.
  4. Convenience: With a well equipped EDC, you may not even need the help of an emergency crew or another person to get things done. Furthermore, you will not have to dig through cluttered drawers to reach for that specific tool you need because you have it on you.
  5. Personal gratification: One of the most important advantages of an EDC is that you have a personal relationship with your tools. It also gives an idea of who you are because what you carry defines you. You can organize your kit to reflect your passion, hobbies, and individuality.

The Most Crucial Elements of EDC

The Most Crucial Elements of EDC

What you include in your EDC is your prerogative to choose. It is only you who knows your level of preparedness and capabilities. However, some standard items or elements cannot miss any well-equipped EDC kit. Here are the parts:


Your keys are perhaps the most basic of all the aspects of Every Day Carry. Since you cannot leave your house and car keys behind when you leave the house, it would make sense to add a few survival tools to your keychain.

The favorite items that will fit your keyring include miniature flashlights such as Streamlight Nano and small multi-tools such as Schrade Pry Tool. Right there, you have eliminated the need to carry several tools whose functions can be completed by the multitool.


An item that should not miss from any EDC kit is a knife of some sort. The exception is when you have to travel places with checkpoints such as hospitals, train stations, and airports. You can choose a compact, sturdy, and reliable fixed blade knife with a protective sheath or a compact low-profile folding knife (You can choose any types of knives at knifedge). It is crucial to have a knife on you at all times because it can help you start in a sudden emergency.


Many EDC enthusiasts believe in having a personal firearm in their kit. A compact, low-profile and a lightweight handgun is ideal for Every Day Carry kit. A firearm can offer you an excellent means to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of an emergency. However, you have to ensure you research your local laws to obtain the necessary permits (if any) before you purchase and carry a firearm.

Water Bottle

It is true that water is available in many offices or installations where we work. Therefore, some people do not consider it part of every EDC. But, what will you do if a disaster strikes and you cannot get safe water to drink? If you can, make a water bottle one of the elements of your EDC kit.

A good recommendation is to choose a stainless steel water bottle to be part your regular gear. We insist on stainless steel water bottles because, in an emergency, you can use it as an improvised pot that is useful for purifying water, making hot drinks, and cooking food. This can prove to be a lifesaver if water sources are interrupted or contaminated.

Emergency Supplies

Emergency supplies are an umbrella term that encompasses some items that will prove invaluable in an emergency.  We recommend that you find a low-profile tin or a bag that can carry things like lighters, matches, several pieces of waxed cotton as well as other fire-starter, a button compass, a whistle, and a small duck tape wrap.

Personalizing Your EDC

Ultimately, the things or items you carry on your person regularly everyday boils down to a personal decision. It also depends on the most typical locations you frequent and the kinds of emergencies, disasters and survival situations you are likely to encounter. Other important determinants are the bags and pockets you have ready for the items. Just take these basics and then customize them to suit your needs and possible survival situation. Good luck and stay safe.

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