Women and Firearms: This Is Why More Females Are Choosing to Carry Guns

By James Barton â€¢  Updated: 08/20/20 â€¢  8 min read

Living in an unpredictable world has consequences on your mental health and behavior. It has consequences on your perspective on life and how you relate to the experiences you have during your living years.

Many people are looking for ways to defend themselves against attackers, robbers, and so on. We go through these hard times when the novel coronavirus turned into a world pandemic and caused massive economic disruptions. Many people lost their jobs and their source of living, and so they are desperate and might turn to extreme behavior.

We often hear that women cannot defend themselves. Indeed, they might not have the same physical power as men, but they have an inner strength that helps them conquer the world. And the firearms industry.

It has been recently observed an increase in the number of women that own a gun. Studies show that since 2005, there has been an increase of over 70% in female gun ownership. Even though gun ownership is more common among men, over 20% of women in the USA own a gun.

These facts have been treated with humor by people, and titles such as “chicks with guns” appeared to mock the power of women. There have even been pink guns invented, thinking that all women want from a firearm is to be pink.

But the industry should try to assess and meet the needs of the growing number of women that buy and own guns. Women need safety and security, and choosing to carry a gun could have many reasons behind it. But in the first place, people should understand that women are taking power in their own hands and make everything possible to defend and protect themselves.

Why do most women choose to carry a gun? We cannot deny the numbers, so here are the reasons why females choose to own firearms.

1. Defend the Family

Besides defending themselves, women choose to carry guns to protect their families. There has been an increase in single-parent families, with 80% of these being single moms. These numbers are huge. And considering the fact that the rate of crimes increases every day as people face new survival challenges, women find comfort and security into carrying a gun.

Statistics show that children of 12 and under have a high chance of being kidnapped. In 2019, in the USA alone more than 420.000 children were being reported missing. It’s true not all of these missing are related to kidnapping, but the danger is out there.

Living in these troubled times, where something dangerous could happen at any time, more and more women choose to defend their families by owning guns. Females carry guns because they can and they will protect their families.

2. Protection

If you have asked yourself why people choose to carry guns, protection is one of the top reasons. Both men and women say that they choose to have one or more firearms to protect themselves. 71% of female gun owners said they own a gun to defend themselves, compared with 65% men.

And if you think about it and the current world context, owning a gun might come as a natural response. We live in unprecedented times, where the unemployment rate is 10.2%. More and more people begin to compete for survival, and in the end, they become desperate. This might and it will lead to an increase in crime rates.

Robberies are already on the rise. A burglary happens once every 26 seconds in the USA, which is extremely dangerous. Women become easy targets, as many robbers are men and think female households are easier to be robbed.

And these are the moments that urged so many women to consider buying and carrying a gun. They need to protect themselves from assaults and robberies, especially during these difficult times when crime rates are on the rise. Women have the power to defend themselves in every moment because they begin to carry guns.

And even though many robberies or assaults can turn pretty wild and deadly, women take their chance to survive. They take the bull by the horns and make up the courage they need to face these unpredictable challenges.

3. Confidence

Confidence is another reason why more and more females choose to carry a gun. Given the recent rise in gun ownership, many NGOs and businesses have seen an opportunity. They began organizing self-defense courses, where they teach women gun terminology, how to use, charge, and discharge a gun, and how to better store it to avoid accidental discharge.

This can mean only one thing. That women are preparing and learning about firearms and how to use them. And this can only add to the self-confidence women have. Learning and understanding how a firearm works and how to approach difficult situations are important. Many women are receiving training on these topics, helping them correctly assess a situation, and using guns when needed.

In a world dominated by men, it is beautiful that women found their way. They now have higher self-confidence, and this can only positively contribute to their wellbeing and mental health. And carrying a gun is important not only in your hometown or city but when traveling within the country too.

Not all states allow gun ownership and it is always better to inform beforehand. But considering that many robbers target foreigners or out of state people, having a gun is useful and preventive. Women have the right to defend and they will do this no matter the location or time. They trust their power and have the courage to act. Because when you have a gun, you already feel more powerful.

4. Satisfaction

This might not seem obvious to some, but satisfaction is an important reason why women carry guns. The thing is, this is rather something abstract than concrete and it is an entire chain reaction involved. The gun industry is dominated by men, but women begin to show their presence more and more.

Satisfaction can come after a lot of experiences and exercise, but it can also come when you manage to acquire a new skill. Carrying a gun comes with responsibilities.

You do not have to overuse or use it in an abusive manner, but only for protection and defense. You must learn the most important parts of a gun, how to use it, discharge, fire, or charge it. You need to know perfectly how you do everything with a specific gun to prevent accidents from happening.

Men and women alike should be aware of these and manage to handle the gun ownership period with calm and wisdom. And given the fact women begin to fight in a man’s world, this comes with satisfaction.

The satisfaction that you managed to do something that most people thought you could not. The satisfaction that you learned something new and developed new skills. And all these are not in vain, but for a greater level of safety and security. This feels good.

5. Hunting or Sport Shooting


Even the main reason women state for owning a gun is protection, we should not overlook the other motives. About 31% of women say that they carry a gun for hunting, while 23% of them say that it is for sport shooting.

Even though hunting is prohibited in some areas, where it is allowed there are many daily trips in the forest. More and more women take part and find their inner pleasures, such as bird shooting, hunting, and even sport shooting. And this is easily observable by the rise in female participants at shooting contests. Women shoot with precision and most important of all, they have patience and can wait for the perfect moment.

In 2007, there were approximately 14% of female hunters in the USA. In 2016, it rose to 20%. Even though the total number of hunters is slowly declining, the number of female hunters is increasing.


Living unpredictable and insecure times can make you not feel safe and in danger. To make matters worse, the latest world pandemic took a toll on civilization and caused panic. Many people lost their jobs and so the competition for resources is fierce.

Women choose to carry guns in an unpredictable world to take ownership of their future. They choose to defend themselves, to protect their families and their houses. The crime rates are on the rise, with more and more assaults, robberies, and kidnappings happening every day.

Carrying a gun gives you self-confidence, it gives you a sense of security, and it makes you feel safe. And this is what every woman needs, especially when they are considered easy targets.

Women learn new things, take part in training, discover new passions, and acquire new skills. And carrying a gun is slowly becoming the new normal for women too.

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