The Prepping Mindset | Why You Need To Embrace

By James Barton •  6 min read

Prepping for survival is no longer a choice, and even those who considered it a wasteful effort a couple of years ago are taking it seriously now. Things have changed a lot in the last year, and being prepared is the only way to survive. You need to think realistically and foresee the challenges that lie ahead, and you will find absolutely valid reasons to gear up. If you still have second thoughts about the value of preparedness, here is a list of convincing reasons to embrace this mindset in 2021. 

You can never be too ready for challenges

The pandemic has taught a lesson to the human race. No matter how far you get, you can never be too ready for challenges. A year ago, no one may have imagined the crisis that the virus brought. It makes sense to foresee the emergencies you may face, from an armed siege to an earthquake, a winter outage, or an unexpected financial emergency. The idea is to be prepared for anything and everything because you never know what lies around the corner.

Prepping makes life easier

Prepping is not an action or a set of actions. It is a way of life that makes things easier. When you are prepared, it cuts down stress and anxiety. You have a full pantry to keep your family fed even when nothing is available. The medicine cabinets are stocked up, and the car’s fuel tank is full. You have a weapon or two at home to ensure safety for your loved ones, and there’s enough cash in your wallet. When you aren’t stressed about the basics, you can focus more on long-term survival or getting out of a tight spot. 

Preppers do more with less

The prepping mindset makes you smarter, and you master the skill of doing more with less. You need not hoard things and spend money on useless stuff you may probably never use. Rather, you stock stuff that can help you and your family survive in an emergency. The right approach teaches you to value resources and reduce waste. These habits not only help during a crisis but also when things are on track. You end up saving dollars that can be of help during financial emergencies. 

You learn the art of self-reliance 

A prepper also masters the art of self-reliance by default. You understand the value of growing your own food, a skill that keeps the family growing even when food becomes a rare commodity. You learn to repair your appliances and save a lot on professional services even during normal days. Another self-reliance skill that comes naturally with preparedness is food storage because preppers often stockpile food so that they can have enough supplies to last for a few months. 

Prepping also brings self-confidence

Prepping is all about gaining knowledge and developing skills. It is also about gathering stuff you may need for safety and survival. You go beyond the basics like food and shelter and prepare for other threats as well. Just having a gun isn’t enough; you will also want to invest in ammunition, gun optics and sights to go the extra mile. Similarly, a prepper mindset makes you train yourself and your family in self-defense techniques. The effort to do that extra gives you self-confidence about dealing with the most challenging scenarios. 


A prepping mindset makes you agile and adaptive enough to find quick and easy alternatives and solutions. Whether it is an alternative to a missing ingredient in your recipe or an escape route to get your family out of a burning locality, you will have viable answers quickly. Such presence of mind can make a difference between life and death in tricky situations. The best part is that you need not tax your mind to think of such ideas, they come naturally when you become a true prepper.

You know the value of backups

Another reason to become a prepper in 2021 is that it teaches you the value of backups. Not only do you have enough for today and tomorrow, but also back them up with more. You never run out of stuff, no matter how long the crisis lasts. People who already had the right mindset were far more comfortable even during lockdowns as compared to ones who had never thought twice about backups. Smart preppers know what they need, stock these essentials, and rotate them so that nothing ever goes wasted. 

Preppers strengthen communities

The benefits of prepping extend beyond your home and family. These individuals build strong communities by propagating the importance of self-reliance. You have the potential to change the vision of others and make them embrace the same mindset. A strong and self-reliant community builds a self-reliant city and eventually strengthens the country as well. Preppers not only secure themselves and their loved ones. They also lend a hand to those in need when a disaster strikes. You can bring together a community and build a neighborhood that shares responsibilities and survives without external help.

Prepping makes you money-savvy

Another benefit that you cannot miss out on is money-savviness. Prepping is as much about financial self-reliance as it is about not being dependent on others for food, shelter, or safety. Living within your means is a motto when you become a prepper, so you will probably never be in debt in your life. Moreover, you develop the skill of living comfortably while never going over the budget. It becomes a habit for your family, and you can create a financial cushion with smart money decisions. 

Prepping is an art that keeps you ready for every situation. You can face the worst and are also in a better place if nothing goes wrong. The right mindset can make all the difference, as you end up raising smarter children and do your bit for the community as well. If you haven’t started thinking like a prepper yet, now is the time to fine-tune your way of living!