How to Make Improvised Pitch Glue

Pitch Glue

Glue is an invaluable asset in any survival situation. It is used in repairing tents, clothing, and tarps. You can also use it to improvise certain tools such as fletching on an arrow. Furthermore, it is invaluable as a sealant for containers and canoes (water rafts). It also comes in …

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EMP Threat: Could It Happen?

EMP threat

The threat to human existence comes in many forms ranging from natural to human-made disasters. We don’t have much control of the natural disasters. We cannot say the same of human-made disasters. Enemies of human existence continually innovate ways to annihilate humanity. One such innovation is the Electromagnetic (EMP) pulse …

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4 Knots That May Save Your Life

4 paracord knots

When Shit Hits the Fan, you need all your skills and ingenuity to make use of whatever available item so that you can get the most out of it. A simple rope or cordage can prove a lifesaver in the direst and most life-threatening of survival situations. Having cordage or …

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