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Solar Gadget

9 Cool Solar Gadgets for Preppers

If disaster strikes, it can very well take out power lines, communication, and hamper emergency services. Preparing for a situation where these pillars of modern civilisation are inaccessible, is pretty much the expected recourse for preppers. The sun is the most reliable power source in such scenarios. These solar gadgets should help tide over troubles and are important from a preppers viewpoint. 1. Solar Fire Starter …

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Preparing for hunting

How to Prepare for Hunting Season in 10 Easy Steps

Hunting is a passion for many people.  And with the season approaching, there is excitement in the air. Don’t let the hunting season catch you unprepared if you want to enjoy this big occasion.  Doing thorough online research is a great start, but if success is what you are looking for then many months, weeks, and days of training and practice are ahead of you. Hunters …

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Survival gear list

The Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Gear List | 14 Must Have’s

The Advanced Prepper Survival Gear List A complete survival gear list for intermediate and advanced preppers & survivalists. Ill ­prepared preppers place both themselves and those who rely on them in harm’s way. A organized survival gear list, which covers all equipment and assigned responsibilities, will maximize your odds of survival. We’ve put together one of the most in ­depth, comprehensive lists available. You can use …

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Everyday Carry (EDC)

What is an EDC Kit?

Many people are familiar with the phrase Everyday Carry, or EDC. But if you were to ask them what it means, they would fumble at best to give you an answer. For others, the curiosity of getting the definition forces them to scan through images to get an idea. Very few resources adequately answer the question; what is Every Day Carry or EDC (as it is …

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What to Do if You Find Yourself in an Emergency While Hunting

One of the things that makes hunting so thrilling is that it puts us face-to-face with nature, which can mean unbelievable, up-close interactions with animals and splendid views of nature. It can also mean potentially dangerous and even life-threatening situations, brought forth by hazardous terrain, hungry predators and unexpected, fast-changing weather systems. But the benefits and joys of hunting outweigh the risks, of course, so there’s …

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Disaster Checklist

Fire Emergency Kit: 5 Essential Items You Need

Fire is the type of disaster that no one wants to imagine striking their home. Unfortunately, there is an average of more than 355,000 residential structure fires each year and seven Americans lose their lives in home fires every day. These disasters can be caused by numerous things, including cooking accidents, faulty heating or electrical systems, etc. To make matters even worse, wildfires are becoming increasingly …

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Best Prepper Gear

Top 30 Best Prepper Gear

Surviving means that you have all the basic items any human being would require to stay alive. Some items might be of great importance to you but might not be of any importance to other people. This means that your list can as well be different from that of another person. The benefit of having a customized survival checklist is that it serves your needs. But …

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how to purify water in the wild

How to Purify Water in The Wild – 18 Ways Explained!

There are many ways to filter water in the wild. Here we explain 18 different ways to purify water in the wild.Many of these will allow you to purify water in the wild without fire, or you may even be able to purify water with nothing but what is naturally around you. Boil Filtration Tablets or Drop Distillation Evaporation Traps Plants Survival Straws Disinfection by Solar …

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prepping for basic survival

What you need to know before prepping for your basic survival

Prepping for survival can be a daunting task, especially for a rookie. But you will be surprised to know that even those who have handled emergencies in their lifetime still get Goosebumps. While most people think that experience may make a difference, sometimes it may not. In fact, after reading this guide, you will agree that you may have been overwhelmed by challenges before simply because …

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Survival Mistakes

10 Survival Mistakes You are Doing Without Knowing

Surviving out there in the wilderness requires you to be well informed. But many a time, people tend to develop their survival mechanism, and some even end up losing their lives. Some of the causes of death are due to negligence and overconfidence. You may be wondering which of these mistakes people do. You will be so shocked to find out that even some of these …

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