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10 Must-Have Outdoor Survival Gear Items

We can all agree that having the proper outdoor survival gear can sometimes be the difference between a great time, and a not so great time or WORSE! When we think of the outdoors, the first thing that comes to our mind is sitting by the river, eating freshly caught fish and cooking with a big smile on our face. But that’s how things are in …

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Solar Gadget

9 Cool Solar Gadgets for Preppers

If disaster strikes, it can very well take out power lines, communication, and hamper emergency services. Preparing for a situation where these pillars of modern civilisation are inaccessible, is pretty much the expected recourse for preppers. The sun is the most reliable power source in such scenarios. These solar gadgets should help tide over troubles and are important from a preppers viewpoint. 1. Solar Fire Starter …

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Survival gear list

The Prepper’s Ultimate Survival Gear List | 14 Must Have’s

The Advanced Prepper Survival Gear List A complete survival gear list for intermediate and advanced preppers & survivalists. Ill ­prepared preppers place both themselves and those who rely on them in harm’s way. A organized survival gear list, which covers all equipment and assigned responsibilities, will maximize your odds of survival. We’ve put together one of the most in ­depth, comprehensive lists available. You can use …

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Best Prepper Gear

Top 30 Best Prepper Gear

Surviving means that you have all the basic items any human being would require to stay alive. Some items might be of great importance to you but might not be of any importance to other people. This means that your list can as well be different from that of another person. The benefit of having a customized survival checklist is that it serves your needs. But …

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prepping for basic survival

What you need to know before prepping for your basic survival

Prepping for survival can be a daunting task, especially for a rookie. But you will be surprised to know that even those who have handled emergencies in their lifetime still get Goosebumps. While most people think that experience may make a difference, sometimes it may not. In fact, after reading this guide, you will agree that you may have been overwhelmed by challenges before simply because …

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Forest Survival

13 Essential Tools for Forest Survival Every Prepper Should Own

If there are many forests in your surrounding area, you should get ready for all possible scenarios. Ending up in the woods without the essential tools will most definitely make your life much harder. This is exactly why you should be prepared to spend some time in the wilderness. Where do you start? Which tools are essential? What’s more important: food, shelter, or clothing? These are …

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edc loadout kit

Adding a Mini Emergency Kit to Your EDC Loadout

While everyone should have a good bug out bag, you’ll also need something more portable to carry around every day. This is a small and basic kit for everyday emergencies in an urban environment, something that can easily fit in a fanny pack or small bag.   Mini First Aid Kit Wound dressing Wound care supplies that you should have on hand in case of an …

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How to make a Survival Kit

No one can predict when danger is about to strike. But when the unexpected hits us, we get overwhelmed so easily simply because of failing to take precaution. This is not different when planning for an adventure. Your safety comes first, and you cannot afford to ignore a survival kit. Apart from using the survival kits during trips, you may also need to use them in …

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survival kit list

Wilderness Survival Kit List: A Complete Checklist

Nothing can beat the fun of taking an adventure in the wilderness with family and friends. But your safety is the first thing that you have to take into consideration. You need to plan appropriately and carry all the items that you can use to stay safe from the varying weather conditions. Without such items, you can end up contacting diseases instead of enjoying your stay. …

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