About The Survival Corps

Are you looking for a place where you can find out more about survival? Do you need a reliable source of all the necessary information related to surviving in the wild, preparing your car for a long family camping trip or preparing for a hiking adventure or hunting? Do you want to learn more about all the essential items you need in your survival kit, be it for the great outdoors or emergency situations?

You have come to the right place! The Survival Corps is your ultimate go-to resource for survival and preparation for all the possible emergency situations that you could ever come across, both when you are out in the wilderness and in case of a potential crisis, such as a natural disaster.

We are here for you to teach you everything about survival and preparedness and help you put safety in your life. Our approach to survival is without any bias whatsoever and we promise to always provide you with truly valuable information that will help you be prepared at all times for emergencies and life in the wild.

Want to Know More about Survival Gear?

 We regularly provide useful tips and advice related to knives and firearms for hunting and self-defense, tips for survival storage and supply, as well as tips for all the other necessary items you need in your emergency kit in order to always be fully prepared for any kind of an emergency.

Want to know what the most important accessories for hiking enthusiasts are? We’ve got you covered. You need a survival camping ultimate kit checklist? You can find that here as well and properly educate yourself before heading out for your camping trip.

Everyone needs a bug out bag with essentials for survival, but what about a mini EDC emergency kit? It’s much easier to carry around every day and it’s one of the most important kits for everyday emergencies in an urban environment. We will provide you with all the tips and tricks for packing one and properly using it to make sure you are always prepared for any kind of crisis.

Want to Hone Your Survival Skills?

 Everyone should know how to survive both when a potential disaster strikes and when they find themselves far away from home, with nothing but their bug out bags and emergency kits. However, many people don’t do well in crises and start panicking when a situation goes out of their control.

Leave all your worries behind, because we are here to teach you all the important skills for survival so that you never find yourself losing your mind in case of an emergency. With our tips for solid survival skills, you can start living a real survival life with a complete peace of mind, knowing exactly what to do to provide safety for both your loved ones and yourself.

 Signaling for help in the wilderness is one of the most vital skills that every survivalist should master. Finding water in the wild is even more important, not to mention building a shelter in the wilderness.

If you have no idea how to even start with these and many other things, don’t worry, because that is precisely why we started our company – to help you and all the other survivalists master your survival skills and help you properly prepare for both the outdoors and urban environment emergencies.

Visit us often and you’ll learn everything about basic survival skills and much, much more.

We love the outdoors, we are passionate about helping others and we promise to always share fresh and original content filled with incredibly useful tips and advice to help you stay on top of your game when it comes to anything survival and preparedness.

We also love hearing new thoughts and ideas on survival and exchanging interesting tips and tricks with survival enthusiasts. Want to share your survival experiences? We’d love to hear your story!

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