7 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Anywhere

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The threat of an attack is real in any survival situation. However, risks of an attack are present anywhere you go. Carrying a firearm or a crude weapon such as a sword could be a great idea but it is impractical. Carrying a firearm into certain places is illegal. Even common sense tells you that you cannot carry a gun into a school, a courtroom or a police station.

Does that means you go into such places unarmed? Even if it is legal to carry a firearm into the places where you, it would be crazing to have people know you are technically armed. So, what can you do? Are there discreet weapons you can carry anywhere without breaking the law?

In existence are several everyday items that you can turn into powerful weapons when the moment calls. Such weapons will not draw any attention. You can legally carry them everywhere. Even the great TSA screening processes will not flag you.

7 Discreet EDC  Weapons

1. A Set Of Keys  

A set of keys, really? Well, everyone always carries some set of keys. Your car keys, house keys or any other set of keys can act as powerful weapons against attackers. Of all the weapons an attacker can imagine you to have, keys are the last in his mind.

The longer the key the better it is as a weapon. Place one in the palm of your hands protruding between your fingers. You can deliver a deadly punch. The attacker will not see it coming and that’s the beauty of it.

Target softer and sensitive spots such an eye, solar plexus or throat. A hell of a punch and your attacker will drop dead like flee in search of something to eat. Just remember to walk with your keys everywhere.

2. An Umbrella

We usually remember our dear umbrella only when the weatherman predicts rain or hot sunny day. However, you can form a habit of carrying an umbrella anywhere you go. You won’t draw any attention. Back in your mind, you know you have a formidable weapon that can scare the hell out of an attacker.

An umbrella will give you the ability to stab your attacker. Otherwise, you can simply keep them at bay with it. To serve you as a powerful discreet weapon, you need to invest in a sturdy model. It should be able to withstand the impact of a stab.

3. A Pencil Or A Pen

You are not going to school. So, why would you carry a pen or a pencil everywhere you go? You will need it if you care about your security. Form a habit of packing a pen or a pencil discretely in the side pocket of your backpack, bag or purse.

Any sturdy metal or plastic pen is great. Even the common wooden pencil could deliver a lethal stab at your attacker. Your hand will take about four inches of the pen/pencil. This will leave you with about three inches of sharp weapon that can reach vital organs and blood vessels.

Target any spot in your attacker’s body and he will run of his life. Driving the pen/pencil into his muscles will render those muscles weak and therefore ineffective against you. It will give you ample time to escape to safety or even subdue him.

4. A Flashlight

Nobody will think you are crazy he or she saw you with a flashlight. Maybe you will be out late so you will need a flashlight to light your path or you are going camping. A flashlight is a formidable weapon that can disable an attacker with just a single blow.

It does have to be a big model to be effective as a weapon. Even the small and sturdy 2-Cell Maglite can deliver unimaginable pain on an attacker if you strike his temple, nose ridge, or arms. You can use the larger 3-cell model as a baton. If you hit your attackers’ head, you could break a bone or even render the person unconscious.

Discreet flashlight

Small Flashlights Can Be Great Discreet Weapons

You have to choose wisely when buying a flashlight to use as a weapon. Here are some considerations:

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5. Briefcase

It is crazy to carry an empty suitcase. No one will raise eyebrows to see you with a briefcase. But it is a great way to protect yourself from attackers. An empty briefcase can deliver a deadly blow to an attacker. This is especially true with the aluminum type briefcases.

Besides, you can use a briefcase as a shield an attacker descends on you with an edged or blunt weapons. Swing the suitcase hard with motion as you would do a hook punch. You should aim at his elbow and knee joints. Go for the head if necessary.

6. Handful Of Pocket Change (Coins)

How can pocket change be a lifesaver to you? It may not seem helpful but a handful of pocket change (coins) could ward off an attacker and give you time to escape. However, you can only use them as weapons against an attacker who is approaching.

If you notice an attacker fast approaching, grab some loose pocket change and fling it at him. This may not injure the attacker. But, you can expect a flinch response. Take advantage of his distraction to flee or reach for a better weapon. In case you do not have another more effective weapon, grab a handful of gravel and flint it at him. This will buy you more time to escape.

7. Purse (And Its Contents)

An attacker could be interested in taking your purse. How can you use the same purse as a discreet weapon? It is not easy. You have to do it correctly to buy you time to reach out for another weapon or flee to safety.

It is a mistake to beat your attacker with the purse. Instead, raise your purse to shoulder level. Hold tight at its strap and begin to swing the purse around you. The purse will not injure the attacker but it will distract him and keep him at a good distance away.

You can also use it to effectively block an attack by an edged or blunt weapon such as a knife. It is not easy to use a purse in this manner. It requires some practice and super-fast reflexes.

If you manage to buy time but you are still cornered, use items certain items in the purse as weapons. Most purses will have hairspray or spray deodorant in them. You can spray this right into attackers face. It will startle him allowing you time to escape. Other contents of purses that can be good weapons are manicure scissors and nail file (the pointy metal variety).


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